The UK is still in lockdown, and although it’s easing slightly, most of us are still at home. So how will you be spending your time? It’s easy to stay home, watch Netflix and if the weathers good have a BBQ. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you could also spend this time to learn new skills and become a qualified mortgage advisor.

Thousands of people are taking up online courses during this lockdown to improve their job prospects for the future and even to work from home in the future.

Mortgage Advisor Courses have become popular as the demand for homes in the UK is increasing which in turn means that more houses are being sold thus creating a need for mortgage advisors.

Recent studies confirm that there is a huge shortage of mortgage advisors to meet the demand and with earning exceeding £50,000 + commission it’s a great time to get started. This career offers flexibility as you have the option of working for estate agents, banks, private lenders or working from home by starting your own company.

As a mortgage advisor, you will be dealing with customers face to face and by email or telephone. You will also be speaking to banks and dealing with customers paperwork. A mortgage advisor charges their customers anywhere between £250 – £750 for the mortgage application, and on top, they receive a commission from the lender. So how do you get started you ask?

The starting point is enrolling in a suitable mortgage advisor course.

The training courses can be expensive, but uAcademy offers some of the most affordable online courses, and it has excellent reviews. Some training providers charge more than £600 for a full course but uAcademy’s courses start from just £99. They’ve also recently been featured on the BBC and several other publications. uAcademy also allows you to buy the course in stages which is great if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much all in one go. They also have a property development course and free Life in the UK tests for new residents in the UK looking to apply for citizenship.It’s about time we turned this lockdown into something positive and learning new skills is a great way to do this.



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