Most people would live to work for employers who care about their wellbeing. However, spotting the best bosses and companies can seem like a lot of hard work. Some people might look like they’re perfect during the interview process, but they soon change when you sign their contracts. With that in mind, I thought you could benefit from some small insights into the situation. Below this section, you’ll find just some of the signs you’ve found a brilliant employer.

They run an assistance program

The infographic attached to this post lists all the benefits of an employee assistance program. If you find an employer who offers something similar, you might have found your place in the world. At the end of the day, nobody wants to work for people who don’t care about them. Programs of that nature suggest they show some interest at least.

They offer competitive wages

Working for the minimum wage can seem demeaning, and it also means you’re getting ripped off in most instances. Employers like to keep their salaries as low as possible to maximise their profits. However, people who find a job that pays a decent wage are probably dealing with a good boss.

They organise team building activities

Most business owners don’t give a second thought to the people working on their staff. So, those who decide to arrange activities for their workers are in the top 20%. If your boss decides to take everyone paintballing for the day, they’re better than most the other managers out there.

Now you know how to spot the signs of an awesome employer, you should have an easier time identifying the best jobs. With a bit of luck, you should never dread waking up in the morning again!

Infographic Created By Health Assured



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