Even when you want to start your own taxi company or to operate as a sole trader, there are rules and regulations you must follow. You must, for example, have a taxi license to operate as a taxi. This means you will need to be medically certified, be able to speak a minimum of English, and even have a background check done. Getting your taxi license isn’t the only step you need to take, either. Working for a taxi company can bring in more consistent work, which is why it is best to prepare to answer these top five interview questions in advance.

1.   Have You Ever Been in an Accident?

Thisis a big one when it comes to any professional driving career. When you add in passengers into the mix you can understand why people want to be careful with who their driver is. Being in an accident that wasn’t your fault is not likely to keep you from getting the job, however, so it is best tobe honest. If you have been in an accident due to your carelessness, then stress what you have done to minimise the risk in the future. Knowing how to drive safely and proactively will help you sell your case.

2.   What is Your Insurance Policy Like?

Depending on the taxi company you may or may not need to have your own insurance coverage. This will happen if you operate as a sole trader, and they your contractor. Having your own taxi insurance can also give you peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to find the best option for you. You want your insurance not only be budget-friendly, but to also be comprehensive in its coverage and be offered by a reputable company, like AcornInsure.co.uk. With over 30 years of experience they can provide the quality service and coverage you need to impress future employers.

3.   How Can You Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

The happier the customer, the more likely they will call your company again when they need your services. Great ways to ensure customer satisfaction include:

  • Keeping a clean car
  • Having a sick bag in case of ill passengers
  • Maintaining a professional atmosphere
  • Being on time

4.   How Do You Stay Safe?

There are several versions of this question. How do you personally stay safe? How do you keep your passengers safe? How do you drive safely? Knowing how to answer each one will help you get the job. You can not stop every accident, after all, but knowing the right manoeuvres and how to handle, say, a violent passenger can save someone’s life.

5.   How Well Can You Work Long Hours?

This question will always come up. Alongside it will be questions like are you willing to work late nights, early mornings, and so on. It is in your best interest to work as often as you can, and ideally during peak hours. For example, if you do work late nights, then you can benefit from higher rates and less taxi competition. On weekends, this can bring in quite a lot of income.

Whether you want to take on this job as a part-time way to boost your income or full-time, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have all the qualifications and know how to accurately answer these top five questions so that you can get the job.



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