Freelancing is a wide-spread employment practice nowadays. Thanks to technology,  work from home jobs exist in almost any sphere of employment. Studies show that about 43% of employees will be working from home in the USA by 2020. First of all, freelance is convenient in terms of the flexibility of a personal schedule. Secondly, freelancers can build a more healthy life/ job balance. Actually, they earn as much as traditional employees. Some of the jobs even allow people to earn more when staying at home.

The numbers show that people choose to work on a contract for many reasons, such as being their own boss, working from any place they like, staying away from the office culture or to be free in their choice of projects – by Statista. Overall, freelance stands for freedom and flexibility. Here are the top 5 well-paid positions for freelance employees.

Software Developer

The IT industry has always been more open about working remotely. Nowadays, a lot of professionals are doing their job from home. Developing software is one of the highest-paid jobs. Another benefit of IT is that there are a great number of projects. Of course, such a profession usually requires a computer science degree. According to Business Insider, remote developers earn almost 40% more than their colleagues in the office. People that design their own working space feel more comfortable and less stressed. The other reason is that working for yourself is motivating for a higher income.

Software developers can be hired remotely by one company, or take different projects from various clients. One needs only professional experience, a laptop, and a fast internet connection to start off. However, the downside is that working for clients means doing job interviews.

Essay Writer

This is another highly-paid job that one can do from anywhere. There are plenty of platforms that offer custom written academic papers – example. One can be a writer for one platform or for several. Editing services are also in great demand. Actually, freelance writer of any profile is a well-paid position. Many people earn money as a copy- or content writers. Almost any business or company has an online presence and needs quality content on their website. There are also a lot of people that order stories for their blogs, etc.

Essay writer is a great job, but it requires advanced skills and experience. However, starting off as a copywriter is much easier.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create various digital images for all types of clients. They also deal with the overall design of websites, presentations, businesses’ logos, etc. It is a great job for creative people. It allows for taking many projects all over the world. The downside is that there is a big competition for major projects. However, many companies need design updates on a regular basis. So there always are plenty of orders. It is better to have a portfolio with finished projects to attract clients.

Virtual Assistant

This is a pretty new position that becomes more widespread. It doesn’t require any specific skills, except being careful and focused. Some companies do not want to hire a full-time assistant to deal with emails and schedules. That’s why they hire professionals working from home. Basically, it is an online administrative position. The responsibilities might include social media management, answering and transferring calls, responding to emails, preparation of documents, etc. The main benefit is that there is no need for a special education degree. Overall, it doesn’t require 8 hours of presence per day. The downside is that the schedule is not as flexible as working on separate projects.

Online Teacher

There is a growing demandfor e-learning nowadays. A lot of licensed teachers choose to work from home. There is a possibility to start one’s own program or give private lessons. They can be held via Skype or pre-recorded sessions. There is also an opportunity to teach English online. Depending on the subject, teachers wages vary. Overall, it is a great position as it requires creativity and communication skills. However, if working on one’s own, the income is variable due to the number of students and sessions.


The freelance revolution is happening right now. Some say that this type of employment might be even safer than a traditional – source. People working from home can have several income streams. They are also more motivated to be efficient and to manage their own time. Of course, there are also downsides as there are to any type of employment. But, overall, working from home is more flexible, comfortable and, sometimes, more profitable.



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