There are more to call centre jobs than you think! If you are looking for a full or part-time job, taking a call centre job can help you to develop and improve your communication skills. This can give you valuable soft-skills experience that you can take forward with you in your career.

Let’s take a look at three of the top reasons why call centre jobs are so in demand.

1: 24 Hour Answering Service

Many large companies have an increasing demand for call centres as their business expands, this can often include needing a 24 hour answering service, especially if a company trades overseas within different global time zones.

Many call centre jobs require applicants for round-the-clock roles that offer big businesses a 24 hour answering service where it is vitally important that their incoming calls are answered by an actual person rather than going to voicemail. When you are dealing daily with multi-million pound deals, then a company cannot afford not to have their telephone calls answered in person.

If you are a bit of a night-owl, or you have family commitments where working evenings or at night would be a better fit, then this is a perfect job for you.

2: A role to match your personality

There are two types of call centre jobs, these being inbound call answering services, and outbound call handling. Inbound call answering involves taking calls coming into a company and these will mostly be involved with customer queries, customer complaints, and businesses calling for information. As a call agent, it is your job to help resolve problems, answer questions and give out useful information. If you like helping people and solving problems, then inbound call centres is a great option.

Outbound calls, however, are usually involved with call centre agents calling up customers and leads to collect information. This could be in the form of conducting a business survey, the creation of which may have been helped by going here and learning what makes a great survey or questionnaire, confirming order details and dispatch dates, or to confirm personal data for financial or credit agencies etc. If you are comfortable with calling people and engaging them in conversation, then this is a worthwhile role to consider.

3: No experience is necessary

There are lots of jobs that require you to have years of experience under you belt before you would even be considered for the role. The beauty of a call centre job, especially when you are providing a 24 hour call answering service, is that no previous experience is necessary for you to land the job.

This means there are great opportunities for people looking to switch their careers, those fresh out of college or university who lack real work experience, and also for parents returning to work after a long break from the workforce while raising their children.



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