On holiday over Easter, I was helping a relative prepare for an upcoming job interview – his first. After covering the basics (like research the vacancy and company, appropriate dress code, eye contact etc) the conversation moved onto the subject of handling interview questions.

There are some interview questions that are tricky to answer but must always be handled truthfully:

– Explain what you did in the 6 month period missing on your CV

Others seem just plain weird and need a creative answer:

– How many golf balls can you fit in a school bus? Actual question attributed to a Google interview.

With most well thought through interviews, you can bet that the interviewer will have a reason for asking every question. Some questions are looking for facts and others aim to get candidates talking. Its clear that candidates must be prepared for anything during an interview, and as the more extreme questions get talked about online, you can be sure that more companies will adopt them into interviews.

The online career community Glassdoor has combed through tens of thousands of interview questions that were shared with its community by job candidates over the past year. The resulting list of Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions for 2015, makes interesting reading and should help to get candidates thinking about what they may be asked.

Have a look at them here:




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