Job hunting is in no way enjoyable. It is usually frustrating, involving a lot of cover letters, rejections, and stress. When you finally do get the interview for the second round, the stress alone can sabotage you. How do you make such a good impression that they have no choice but to hire you? How do you prepare properly? Honestly, the only way to be extremely good at an interview is to know, right off the bat, that you are the best choice based on your credentials. The only other way to become a great interviewee is through practice.

For those of you out there who have just graduated from university, the interview might be your biggest hurdle yet. That is why you should follow these tips to put you ahead of your peers. Following them won’t be a guarantee you’ll get the job, but it is a good start:

  1. Dress to Impress

Professional clothing is something that many, if not all, of the other candidates, will show up wearing. If you are competing against many others, then, it can help you greatly by wearing something that stands out. You need to be remembered, first and foremost, for your skills to shine. Just remember that standing out does not mean you should not look professional.

  1. Research About the Company Beforehand

Every interviewee should know as much about the company as they can before they attend. That way you can ask real questions, and, if possible, you can demonstrate why they need to hire you. Offer them real solutions to the problems they face that hiring you can solve.

  1. Practice Beforehand

It can be hard to be eloquent when you have spent the entire commute with your mouth shut. Practice on the way there. Get your voice working. Get used to talking. It can help a lot and can help you answer their questions with flowing grace.

  1. Follow Up

There are many ways that you can follow up after an interview, from an email to a personal letter, but one of the ways that many don’t consider when it comes to following up is after a rejection notice. You need to learn from your mistakes to get better.

  1. Network Constantly

Whether you do or do not get the job, you need to network. It is the only way to advance. Online tools make business card design easy, meaning that you can have a professional card to hand out to those you meet, regardless whether you are unemployed or not. It is a physical copy of your information, and it can be passed on quickly. You could even supply your interviewer with one so that if any other position opens up, she or he has your contact details (that are in a more manageable format than your CV).

Finding the right job for you is a challenge, but the more you put yourself out there and the more experience you get, the easier you will find the process, and the further your career goals will go.




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