A career in management is something many people aspire to achieve in their lifetime. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want this position so you can boss people around and assert your authority over others. Management is so much more than that, and for people looking to go into these positions, it is often the passion for helping to change processes, work with others more efficiently and contribute further to the success of a business that drives people in this direction. However, becoming and establishing yourself as a good manager is not an easy task. There can be many hurdles and challenging times for anyone looking to pursue management in any industry.

So take a look at these tips on how you can become a great manager and build a successful career in a job you love.

Effective communication

Communication skills are one of the most critical factors in management, and this includes everything from written communication, face-to-face interactions and listening to others. If you can get information across to teams in an efficient way, they can be more productive in tasks and can prioritize based on this communication. Managers can often get bogged down with other jobs and leave the team feeling out of touch and unmotivated to complete a project, so ensuring this does not happen and making communication a top priority is key to a sustainable career.

Expanding knowledge and learning from others

No one person knows everything and a part of becoming a manager is that you need to appreciate that although you have the necessary overall skills and experience to do the job, you also have a team of people behind you reaching those goals with you. To keep on top of industry development and management skills suited to the position you are in, continuous learning is also an essential step. For example, if you work in retail, you may need to undertake a course in category management to ensure you have the relevant skills to work in harmony with customers and suppliers for a mutual goal. You may also want to consider further management training, as regulation and processes change rapidly, so it’s best to keep up to date with relevant knowledge.

Recognizing achievements in your team

If you are running a team of people, however large or small, everyone likes to know they’ve done an excellent job. This acknowledgment doesn’t always have to come in monetary rewards either, as many workers humbly respond to a simple ‘well done and thanks for the hard work.’ Of course, if they are always overperforming, making the time to appreciate this commitment and hard work is vital, as they can become unmotivated and unproductive if they feel they are being undervalued.

Overall, aspiring to be a better manager is beneficial for both self-improvement and company growth, so taking these points onboard can help to raise your management game and achieve great things with a solid team behind you every step of the way.




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