So, you are looking for a new job and are very excited that you are going to take a step at your dream job. You have submitted your CV and now you are eagerly waiting for an interview call. BUT days have passed and there is not even a single call! Now you must be thinking about what mistake you have done at this stage. Yes, you are getting it right. Your CV is not good enough to be read!

CV, an acronym for Curriculum Vitae, is the most important document that can convince your employers that you are the right candidate for the job. It is, in fact, a record of your education, work experience, achievements, and skills. It may allow you to sell your abilities to potential employers. For writing a good CV, it is important to include the main points of your education and experience.

If you want to know the essential tips and techniques by which you can write a good CV, stick to this guide till the end as here we will explain the proper and standard UK method of writing a CV. In case you are in a foreign country and you need to translate your CV in another language, you may take the services of a leading translation agency in the UK.

What is a CV? Tips and Techniques

A CV is an important part when it comes to job hunting. If a CV is written right or is relevant to the job position (for which you are applying) you may be called for an interview. But if a CV is not well-written, you will face rejection. There are several tips and techniques that must be followed while writing a CV. Never repeat the information in the CV that you have mentioned earlier in the cover letter.

According to a standard CV format acceptable in the UK, you must use professional fonts and avoid the use of fonts such as Comic Sans. It is better to use Times New Roman or Arial with a size from 10 to 12. Use clear language and avoid using jargon as the person who is reading a CV may not be an expert in the field.

How to write a good CV | Important sections

It is always recommended to write a CV in bullet points and uses short sentences and paragraphs. It should not be written in the style of an essay where we use long sentences. There are some important sections that must be included while writing a good CV.

  • First of all, you need to write your contact details such as name, contact number, and address. It is not necessary to include your photo or date of birth unless and until you are applying for a job that requires a photograph.
  • The next section is a CV profile section which usually indicates an objective or a summary of your attributes and how you can fit perfectly in the job position.
  • After that, the chronological order must be followed while writing about your qualifications or work experience. Mention the most recent first. Skip the work experience section if you do not have a previous work history but if you have an experience, make sure that it is relevant to the job to which you are applying for.
  • Once you have written about your education and experience, you may write about your hobbies, achievements, and skills.
  • At the stage of applying for a job, there is no need to mention that references would be provided upon request. Plus, it is not necessary to provide the names of the referees.

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