Enjoying a career in our own choice of industry is what everyone strives for when putting in the hard hours during each rung of the education ladder, but jobs very rarely fall on our laps when we most want one. Finding work has become extremely difficult in recent years, with a global recession resulting in a considerable number of companies falling into liquidation, which has in turn created an overwhelming imbalance between supply and demand. People are often left feeling disheartened at not being able to find employment that would provide them with occupational and financial benefits, but there are a number of handy tips which those looking for work can use to improve their chances.

Stay positive

The one thing to remember when you are unemployed that it is, in fact, your job is to look for employment. This can be used as motivation to search for jobs on a regular basis, whether it is in the local job centre, newspaper or online. You should always stay positive throughout the process of applying for jobs and waiting for a reply; although you may be unsuccessful with applications and do not hear back from prospective employers, there are always new vacancies made available via companies who are looking for people with particular skills and experience which may be a perfect fit for you. Positivity can ensure that you keep trying and prevent falling into the trap of giving up, with perseverance and a positive mindset important to making the all-important break you are searching for.

Get plenty of rest and sleep

It is naturally understandable for some people to spend all day and night searching for a job, but there comes a time when you need to take your body and mind’s condition into consideration. Taking several rest breaks and enjoying a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed will ensure that you remain focused and ensure the batteries remain charged ready for the day ahead. Losing sleep and becoming an insomniac is one of the consequences of not having a job, and not gaining proper rest can also be detrimental when it comes to interviews as it will prevent you from looking facially presentable and answer questions coherently or with the right attitude. These factors can instantly deter a potential employer from acquiring your services, so it is always important to spend adequate hours tucked up in bed.

Sell yourself in a positive light

Potential employers look for candidates who not only fit the required specifications and skillsets needed for the job, but also look for people who sell themselves and their qualities to make them stand out from the rest. It is therefore essential that you ensure every aspect of your C.V, cover letter and work portfolio (if one is required) portrays your personality and the qualities you can bring to the table. The same rule also applies to interviews, as it allows you to showcase yourself in a professional light; wearing suitable clothing, learning about the company’s history and highlighting your key abilities can make the difference between missing out and being successful in your quest to gain employment.



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