Embarking on a career as an entrepreneur may seem like an easier option, when compared to trying to get interviews in a competitive job market. However, there is one trait that can lead to both greater interview success and a more rewarding entrepreneurial career; self-belief. This does not mean that you can never doubt yourself, it simply means that you need to have that underlying belief that you are the best person to fill a role, or the best person to introduce a new idea to the world.

Dr h. c. Harald Seiz introduces the theme of self-belief in his book, “Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea“. He speaks to people about how they can use an idea to forge a career, as long as they have the ability to continue to believe when times are tough and to be flexible enough to adjust and change their path when necessary.

The journey made by Dr. Seiz

As Dr. Seiz says, in “Think BIG”, there is always going to be doubt during any career as an entrepreneur, but it can never be allowed to take over, or success will never be achieved. He states,

“That you will feel doubt is all too natural, you should just not allow it to gain the upper hand and influence your behaviour too much. Because one thing is clear. Being an entrepreneur is by definition full of risks.”

Dealing with these risks requires self-belief. Entrepreneurs need to be able to see risk as an opportunity that they can learn from and not as a pitfall to be dreaded. The belief in what they are aiming to achieve has to remain in place, in order for them to overcome risks and continue on a path to achieving the success that they are aiming for.

Using self-belief to overcome criticism

The thing about criticism is that it’s not always bad. Constructive criticism can be a positive thing. It can help an entrepreneur to see potential improvements that can be made. However, there is some criticism that is intended to be destructive and can be extremely damaging if it’s not dealt with in the right way. As Dr. Seiz says in “Think BIG”,

“Keeping your goal and your strengths in view, even when faced with criticism or self-doubt, helps you to stay on track and advance forward.”

This is where believing in what you are doing as an entrepreneur is important, as it helps you to maintain your impetus to reach your goal.

In summary

Similar skills can be used to help you be successful at interviewing for a coveted role, or helping you achieve entrepreneurial success. Believing in yourself, and what you have to offer, is essential. It means that the people who are interviewing you, or the people to whom you are selling your idea, are more likely to believe in you as well. Everyone experiences self-doubt in their lives at some point, but it should never be allowed to take over as it can be damaging to the success that you seek.



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