DNA testing in NYC, and employment screening are available as a service to employees and their employers. This article will investigate the use for both and how screening in society can solve many problems.

DNA Testing

Paternity testing will establish beyond doubt whether a man is a child’s biological father. This will help in family decisions and with keeping families together. It is peace of mind to know the truth. An employee makes for a better worker when they are of relaxed mind because situations at home have been resolved one way or another. When things play on our minds, it does affect our productivity. There is no way that we can block everything out that is going on around us.

The different types of DNA tests include Parental Testing, a Grandparent DNA Test, a Sibling DNA Test, or an Avuncular DNA Test. The Grandparent DNA is a substitute test where a father is unavailable. Sibling tests will determine possible brothers, sisters, and even half-sibling connections. The Avuncular DNA Test, if you have not heard of that one, involves aunts and uncles or nieces and nephews. It is amazing how little DNA is required to test for a biological relationship when it comes to testing for close family relationships.

Testing is straightforward because it simply involves swabbing the inner cheeks. The skin cells here are thin, so rub off easily without discomfort. Then, the laboratory will do the rest and ensure accuracy with recording, so that the results received are accurate. It is as simple as that to have the test and know for certain about parentage. It is potentially a life-changing moment when the results are received. It is not always what is expected. But then, that is why the test is done. Not all is known initially, but much can be found out after the event.

Employment Screening

Companies have a responsibility to keep all their workers safe. This is where employment screening or drug and alcohol screening is useful for an employer to adopt as a policy and procedure. Testing workers will maintain safety for all and keep workers productive in terms of their coordination and judgments while working.

No employer would like to think that productivity could have been improved had it tested its employers for the level of drugs or alcohol in their bodies. Mostly alcohol will smell on a person but drugs inside their bodies are invisible.

Drugs and alcohol use can increase risk of accidents which harm both the employee as well as others around them who may be unaware of said employees intoxication. Having a firm stance on drug and alcohol testing program management might seem daunting at first but with time employees will come to appreciate the additional safety measures brought into place in order to ensure new employees do not jeopardise the business or the wellbeing of others. We can only go on behaviours to establish if there is some kind of impairment unless a business tests for such intoxication to get a conclusive result to then be able to make an informed business decision.

Drug or alcohol testing as part of employment involves potential employees, new employees, or suspected existing employees, providing a sample for testing. This can be urine, saliva, or a hair sample. DNA testing is as much for the employee’s protection as the employer’s. Safety is paramount and productivity levels are at stake. Drugs and alcohol impair both.


Screening is a useful tool for recruitment. No employer wants to end up with a non-productive worker who preferences their social life over their job to the extent that it affects their productivity at work. The recruitment mistake can be avoided by adopting a pre-screening approach. Then, workers will not be hired that are going to be potentially unsafe around others and either be unproductive while at work or miss a lot of work as a result of how they behave outside of the workplace.

In summary, we should embrace companies that offer DNA testing and employment screening because they are all about improving welfare. DNA testing puts our minds at rest about whether parents are biological ones so that we can get on with our lives knowing the truth, and employment screening means that only the workers who can behave are employed so that everyone is kept safe and productivity is maintained. We owe it to ourselves and our colleagues to be productive because then a business will survive.



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