Since remote working has become the norm for many people due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is starting to change the way people think about where they live. When the need to commute to an office is no longer a factor, a world of opportunity starts to open up. If you are thinking about making the long-term shift to remote work, it’s worth considering how your location might have an impact on your ability to become a remote-working superstar. Some places are more affordable to live in, for example, but do they have the other amenities you need to support your remote-working lifestyle?

A decent broadband connection is essential to your career, of course, but you also need to consider how your location will affect your productivity and general wellbeing. Remote working doesn’t have to mean working from home, so if you focus better in a cafe or library that’s something to bear in mind. Access to green spaces or good schools could be a priority for some people, too. To find out where in the UK has the most potential for working from home, Resume-io have created an interactive chart with a searchable index of categories that influence a remote-working situation. From broadband speeds, cafes and green spaces, to ONS Wellbeing statistics and anxiety levels, towns were scored in each category and given an overall total.

The top 10 towns that score highly overall are a selection of charming civil parishes in various rural locations around the UK. The best all-round for remote working is the historic Welsh village of Llandough, while other towns and villages score highly in specific areas. If taking a walk in the outdoors helps you to wind down and feel refreshed as a remote worker, for example, you might be interested in the Greater Manchester village of Haigh, where you have access to 250-acre Haigh Hall Country Park, Winter Hill, and the West Pennine Moors. If, however, you need a regular caffeine boost to kick-start your remote working day, Pendle’s little parish Reedley Hallows has 10 coffee shops to choose from. So, it’s worth taking a look at the infographic to see which town fits your remote-working needs!



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