If you are looking for your next career, you’ll no doubt be wondering what type of skills you will need and how you can go about developing them. 

Soft skills’ or ‘employability skills’ are something which are universal across a wide range of sectors. If you have these skills, along with the right experience and qualifications, then you may be able to land your dream job. If not, there are online training or soft skills classes that can assist you in developing these skills.

If you are dependable, easy to get along with, and willing to learn new things, then you are already on your way to showing that you have the skills needed for many different jobs. 

So, what are ‘soft skills’ and how can they be demonstrated?

Read on to find out more about the skills you need for your next career. 

Good Communication

The way that you communicate and who you will need to communicate with will be different in every job. You may need to communicate with upper management, a team working under you, your peers, or customers, clients, or even patients.

The message that you are delivering will also depend on the job. However, it is always essential that you say what you mean. Make sure you are understood and that your words have not been misconstrued. You can do this by checking that people understand what you have said by asking them afterwards. 

Communication also refers to non-verbal communication. How you hold yourself and the actions that you use give away a lot about the way that you feel. 


Teamwork means getting along with your peers, subordinates, and seniors. It means working together to achieve a desired end result. 

If you are out to score points for yourself, or you would rather see others doing the work instead of you, then you will struggle to work well as a team. 

The Ability To Solve Problems 

Problem solving is an important skill to have in any job role. Things may come up that will need addressing, and you may need to use logic to come up with a solution. 

There are several ways that you can develop these skills. Learning from how others would deal with a problem is one way, while doing research when a problem emerges is another. 

Planning And Organizing

Planning and organizing is important whether you are the manager of a business or an employee. You will need to plan your own workload and organize your time.  You may need to use tools such as a business data visualisation app that will help you to manage your workflow and prioritize what you need to be doing. 

Creating lists is one of the simplest and most effective ways of organizing yourself. Start with the most important tasks at the top of the list and work down from there. 

Self Management 

While you may have a manager working above you in your job role, you should also be aware that you will need to be able to work off your own back. This means that you should be able to work on your own without the need for someone else to check up on you. Self management means keeping up on your deadlines and it may at times mean delegating some tasks to other people in order to get everything done that needs doing. 

This is a skill that you can develop on the job. By asking for more responsibilities you can work on your self management skills. 

The Ability To Learn

In any job, you should be constantly ready to learn and develop your skills. There may be changes within your workplace, and if you are reluctant to make the necessary steps to understand these changes, then you may have problems. 

Always ensure you that you are open to learning at all times. There are often lessons to be learnt when you least expect them. If something goes wrong in your work, don’t see it as an opportunity to beat yourself up, see it as a chance to learn how to solve a new problem. 

The Ability To Adapt To New Technology

Technology is always evolving and the company that you work for will no doubt want to keep ahead of the curve in terms of adapting to new tech trends and will adopt new technology. Make sure that you embrace new technology too. 

It can be very easy to get stuck in your ways and prefer an old piece of software or equipment, however, things change and you need to be willing to change with it. 




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