With more than 6.5 million openings, LinkedIn is where the odds of landing your dream job are pretty high. So, if you can make LinkedIn work for you, you will surely have potential employers competing to bring you to their interview table, regardless of how their recruitment process works.

Here are 6 smart tips to make your profile stand out and show up at the top of LinkedIn job search results:

  1. Create a Profile that Justifies Your Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

Based on what you are looking for and the industry you want to work in, brainstorm the skills you want to highlight in your resume. This will help you tailor your LinkedIn profile accordingly and help recruiters find you faster. Browse through the profiles of other people who are working for top organizations in your preferred industry as it will help you improve your own profile.

When adding your academic details and previous work experience, be sure to highlight your key skills and achievements and back up your statements with facts and figures. This will enforce the fact that you know your job and you’re good at it!

  1. Optimize Your Profile by Adding Relevant Keywords so it Stands Out

Recruiters use keyword search to identify candidates who match their requirements so include industry-specific keywords in your headline. Creating a search-friendly headline with relevant information in the title box will show that you are a perfect match for the applied position.

Use the summary space to narrate a compelling story and use bullet points in the middle to endorse your USP. Modern recruiters use applicant tracking software to narrow down their talent pool so be sure you don’t leave anything to chance.

This actionable post can make your resume come up in the search results regardless of whether it is being screened manually or by a machine!

  1. Network with People Working for Your Dream Company

Don’t stop at simply using LinkedIn to find a job. Follow the companies you aspire to work for and join forums where you can share your smart insights. Interact with influential people on professional groups and showcase your accomplishments, gradually weaving your way into the network.

Start building professional relationships with potential employers, people working for those potential employers, and co-workers by sharing relevant content or ideas on the best industry practices, current events, or strategies. This will reflect your industry knowledge and show that there is much more to your LinkedIn profile.

When you respond to debates and discussions and actively participate in a professional manner, it shows that you are not only involved but also have the knowledge, experience, communication skills and the ability to respond in a logical and thoughtful manner.

When your connections and industry leaders will notice your potential and your passion for your profession, it will greatly increase your chances of landing that dream job. Oftentimes fake endorsements help to boost LinkedIn profiles faster. Accordingly, to give your LinkedIn profile an extra boost, you might also want to research whether to buy Linkedin connections – building LinkedIn connections can be challenging at first so it is reassuring to know that there are steps you can take to upgrade your profile.

  1. Keep Your Persona and Cover Photo Professional

The very first thing that a recruiter or a potential employer will notice is your persona and your photo. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, avoid using a casual photo where you’re chilling at the beach with a cocktail in your hand as it will not cut the mustard for you. Using professional headshots taken with a company like https://christophertoddstudios.com/ on your profile will show recruiters that you are conscious about how you present yourself to employers, this will make them more likely to take you seriously.

The same goes for your persona because it gives out your first impression even before you attend an interview. And, your digital impression is difficult to change even after your potential employer or recruiter meets you personally. So make sure your persona leaves a lasting first impression.

  1. Join a Forum or Create Your Own

Joining a forum on LinkedIn is not like joining a regular online group. LinkedIn groups are created for meaningful and purposive discussions and deliberations that address industry issues.

When you put out your thoughts, solutions or viewpoints on LinkedIn groups and interact with like-minded people having similar career goals, it works to enhance your credibility and authority. And who knows, a conversation that started online can actually end on the interview table!

  1. Request Recommendations as They Can be Powerfully Persuasive

Testimonials and recommendations are very useful and influential so you should be asking people to recommend you on LinkedIn. One new recommendation every month is great for your profile. When a recruiter searches for you online, your LinkedIn profile is the first thing to pop up and this is great, so be sure to boost your profile with recommendations.

With the digitization of the recruitment process, potential employers are now getting to know you even before you face the personal interview. So take your LinkedIn profile seriously because it can be your gateway to a great career!

Author Bio:

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.





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