Are you hunting for a job right now? If you are, then you have come to the right place where we will give you 8 important tips on the skills that you need to be more employable. Please be our guest.

  1. Cloud computing

Let’s face it: Cloud computing is so far the most significant innovation in the world of technology and business. It is the new normal in the world of business, offering tremendous benefits to businesses particularly in regards to efficiency and flexibility.

With this technology becoming such an integral part of business, you will be better placed to get employment in any industry with at least some basic cloud computing skills. Every company is now desperately recruiting people with your skills in order to position themselves strategically for the imminent technological takeoff that cloud computing is promising to bring into the business world in the near future.

  1. Persuasiveness

Businesses have realized that persuasiveness is the key to creating new business leads, yet it is the hardest skill to train and develop within a sales/customer relations team. For that, many are opting to recruit people with proven persuasion ability instead of training their existing staff.

If you are talented in understanding audiences and communicating to them in the language they understand and love, if you can share one message with different people using different approaches, then you have a valuable skill right there. And, of course, persuasiveness has a unique relationship with confidence. Furthermore, if you are really talented at what you do, you can choose a career as a life coach and help others in their difficulties.

  1. Mobile app development

Mobile devices are the trendiest browsing tools right now and, as you’d expect, businesses have taken note of this. Companies across industries are now moving from traditional forms of advertising- newspapers, TV, leaflets, and such- and are now relying on mobile applications to reach out to potential clients.

Mobile apps help businesses connect better with customers, build a loyal clientele base, and strengthen their brands. In the end, the apps bring in more business and increase revenue generation.

If you can develop mobile apps that can achieve all the above for a given business or industry, then your chances of getting employment are high.

  1. UX and UI design

User experience and user interface development skills rank among the most important skills in the world of web development. Established businesses and start-ups alike have realized that UI and UX designs are important in pleasing online web visitors, retaining them, and prompting them to engage with whichever services or products that the website offers.

If you have the skills to make user-friendly websites and inject some dose of creativity into a given web content so that it captures the attention of its intended audience, then you don’t need a degree to get your dream job.

  1. Video production

With the rise of social media as an advertising platform, everyone is desperately searching for talented young people who can take and edit videos professionally. And it doesn’t really matter much if you are a qualified video editor: Provided you can prove to employers that you have the skills to produce quality videos for their social accounts, you will be hired at the drop of a hat.

  1. Time management

This is a vital soft skill that every employer wants to see in their employees, but it is very elusive to many. If you can manage your time well and convince employers that you can work smart and be highly efficient, then you will undoubtedly get hired. The energy, freedom, and satisfaction that comes after accomplishing key tasks fast will definitely propel your career to a height that you cannot even imagine at the moment.

  1. Adaptability

The world of business is ever revolving. It never stops. And with technology getting so deeply ingrained into it, the speed of evolution has only increased. To cope with this trend, businesses have no option but to hire people with the right mindset and ability to adapt to new changes as they come.

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI is here with us and companies have no option but to employ people with the right skills to handle this technology. Customer service departments, in particular, are now relying heavily on AI to respond to customers online. That is why every employer will want to hire you if you can help them leverage the power of AI.


There are many skills that will make you employable in the highly competitive job market of today. But we cannot conclude this post without giving you one very important tip: You will get even more business if you become a life coach and be helping job seekers to find their way in life. That is an employment opportunity by itself.





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