According to a recent US government study, marketing jobs will continue to grow until 2030. Marketing jobs are also highly dynamic and diverse, and various positions are available for people with different strengths. You’ll find a place in marketing no matter what your skill level is, whether you’re creative or analytical.

In this post, we are going to use the data from different studies and employment portals to see which jobs and profiles are the most in demand today in the world of marketing. 

Marketing manager

The position of CMO or marketing manager is usually held by one of the founders of the company. In the case of looking for a person, it must be someone with a strategic profile and extensive experience in marketing and advertising.

Some of the tasks you can perform are:

  • Work with different digital marketing agencies and marketing professionals
  • Manage projects and members of your team
  • Set metrics based on company objectives

For this, it is necessary that you know how to handle tools such as project management software and analytical tools.

A search for “marketing manager” on the job portal returns 46,531 jobs.

Performance marketing

This type of profile focuses on creating paid campaigns on social networks, search engines and other channels and converting them into customers. Therefore, he is a person focused on achieving short-term goals.

This type of profile has many names and you can find it as “performance marketing”, “digital funneler”, “ads manager” or “traffic manager” among others.

The tasks and skills of a performance marketing manager are:

  • Great experience creating and optimizing paid campaigns on Facebook and other channels
  • You can create landing pages and handle marketing automation tools
  • You need to know which creatives and copy work best for your campaigns

The term “performance marketing manager” returns 226,981 jobs.

Web analytics and marketing analyst

The professions and profiles responsible for measuring and analyzing data are highly demanded. Own a strategic and technical profile with a taste for data and all kinds of statistical tools.

If you want to start a career in the world of data analysis both on the web and on social networks and other channels, you must master a good number of analytical, reporting, and Business Intelligence tools.

The search for “web analytics” returns 47,043 jobs, and “marketing analyst” returns 3,473 jobs.

Growth marketing and growth manager

This is a profile similar to performance marketing, but you must have a few additional skills:

  • You must be able to improve an online business not only at a marketing level but also at a strategic and product level
  • You must have a more advanced technical profile to be able to program or use more complex tools
  • Must be able to design and perform tests and A/B tests
  • Must be an expert in conversion and marketing psychology

The search for “growth marketing” returns 44,177 jobs, while “growth manager” returns 725,870 jobs.

Content manager and content strategist

Profiles capable of creating a content strategy are also in high demand. Many companies seek to achieve results in the medium and long term, and for this, they carry out inbound marketing campaigns. In this type of strategy, quality, creative and enjoyable content is essential especially if you’re writing an ad copy for a client.

Some of the skills and knowledge of this type of profile are usually:

  • Impeccable writing, spelling, and style
  • Strategic knowledge of organic search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Being able to coordinate a team of writers

The search for “content manager” returns 20,036 jobs, “content strategist” returns 4,203 jobs.

Social media manager

In large companies and projects, you can develop more strategic tasks and delegate the execution to your team or freelance professionals. A “social media manager” is in charge of small projects, from planning to execution.

Some skills and tasks that a social media manager should have are:

  • Design a marketing and content plan for social networks
  • Mastery of tools for managing social networks and measuring results
  • Creation of videos, copies, and creativities for social networks

The search for “social media manager” on the same job portal returns 35,339 jobs.

Other marketing jobs in high demand

The list of marketing profiles is very long. Although it is worth highlighting those profiles in charge of writing content and copy, being one of the most demanded:

“Copywriter” 4,479 jobs

“Content creator” 1,563 jobs

Knowledge of the SEO tool and SEO strategies are also very popular. “SEO manager” and “SEO specialist” add up to more than 9,000 jobs. To this, we need to apply to companies that are looking for marketing professionals with experience in a specific sector (eSports, blockchain, fashion, and many others) or specialized in a specific marketing technique (affiliate marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, etc.)



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