There is a great starting point for all job seekers who are looking to either start a career in a specific field or who are looking for the next step in an existing career, and that is to know what’s trending and why. The following are the job sectors that will provide for some of the most secure careers of our time.


The fact that nearly every business that exists in this day and age has an online presence and brand, means that marketing is still one of the best job choices. It will always be needed as long as there is a need to share the benefits of a product or service with the possible buyers. Internet marketing such as is discussed and practiced at is one of the hottest job choices and opportunities at the moment. It is all digital and can be based on big data, but marketing is still predominantly all about the message.

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Finance has pretty much moved online and therefore there are a plethora of hot jobs in the FinTech sector, where modern finance meets the latest information technology. This is one of the fastest growing employment sectors at the moment and the jobs range from cyber security experts, blockchain developers and e-commerce technicians to the innovators in artificial intelligence and data scientists. If the metaverse is real and we are indeed moving our lives and interactions into this online space, then we will need a financial means of transaction. Hence the growth in the jobs that will facilitate this.

Health and Wellness

The recent changes in the way we work has highlighted the importance of a work life balance. As such, health and wellness has become more important for a substantial and growing number of professionals than ever before. The result of this is that you now have a plethora of jobs emerging in this sector. Anything from smart health tech and design to the actual care careers (nursing, care work and medicine), to meditation and mental health counselling, the health and wellness sector has simply boomed. 

The Charity or Non-Government Sector

Societies around the globe find themselves in a state of continuous flux and change. The financial and economic strains and uncertainties and ongoing and increased natural disasters, has seen a remarkable rise in the charity and non-governmental sector. Charity organizations, require the self-same skills as the ‘for profit businesses’ out there and it is worth looking at the transferability of your skills into this sector. Senior program managers, fundraisers and financial planners are all in serious demand in the charity sector at the moment. There may very well be a small drop in the expected top salaries, but the feel-good factor will far outweigh any other jobs out there.

These are just a few of the sectors that are trending in the UK. The economy may have shrunk and slowed during the pandemic and there has been constant talk of upcoming recession; however, it is arguably these sectors and the jobs therein that will be crucial to economic recovery in the region.



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