Your perfect job role

The first step in performing a time efficient job search is to decide on what you want from your next role. By narrowing down the jobs that you are willing to do, you will be better prepared to focus on applying for the perfect role rather than wasting your time on positions that do not interest you.

It is important to consider which locations you would be happy to travel to, your salary expectations and the hours that you would be willing to work. Do not spend time applying for roles which do not meet these criteria, accepting an unsuitable job offer will only lead to your unhappiness and another job search in the near future.

Organise your time

Once you have your perfect job criteria in mind you can start to organise how you are going to spend your time, beginning with updating your CV. You should consider updating your CV to suit each role that you apply for, while retaining same the basic structure.

When your CV is complete allocate time each day to search for, and apply to suitable vacancies. Set aside enough time to answer any questions which arise during the application process, and to write a cover letter which is tailored to the company and position which you are applying for. It is important to spend time doing this, as companies will be more inclined to invite you to an interview when it is clear that you have dedicated time to researching their business and the available role.

Stay focused

When you find the time to work on your job search it is vital that you do not get distracted, but make the most of the time available. If possible, find a quiet place to work away from other people, turn off the television and radio and make yourself comfortable. If you are in an uncomfortable chair or have poor lighting you will find it difficult to concentrate.

Set yourself a target such as the number of jobs that you would like to apply for in a set time; this will motivate you to focus your attention on the task at hand. It is also advisable to log out of your social media accounts so that you are not distracted by notifications or messages coming through.

Record your progress

As you apply for jobs, keep a record of the companies that you have contacted and how you applied. You can then refer to this each time you resume your search and avoid sending repeat applications. This is also helpful for when you would like to send follow up emails as you will have the information that you need in front of you.

If you do not receive responses to each of your applications, do not be discouraged. It is easy to dwell on the negative aspects of a job hunt, but if you remain positive you will feel motivated to continue until you receive that important job offer.

Author Bio

Sasha Davison is a digital content writer for the Manchester based legal recruitment specialists BCL Legal. Using their knowledge and understanding of the legal industry, BCL Legal can find candidates the perfect law job to match their experience and specialism.



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