In order to make your team perform better and communicate more, it is a good idea to hold some team building days. These days should be fun and include an activity that they will use to work together and get to know each other a little better. Here, we are going to give you some ideas on what you can do for your team building days in 2019. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


One of the best ways to get your team together in 2019 is to have an activity day that gets them outdoors. It is important that they are able to spend some time together out in the fresh air and kayaking is the perfect way to do this. They can work together to get to a certain location and develop some new skills while they are there. Kayaking is really fun so make sure to try this out.

Treasure Hunt

Another great team building idea is to go on a treasure hunt with your staff. This could be arranged by you or you could ask a professional team building events team to organise it for you. If you get someone else to organise it then you will get to join in on the fun. This is a really exciting option for a team building day so make sure to give it a try for something a little different.

Rock Climbing

Another great idea for getting your team outside and spending time together is to go rock climbing. This will give them a chance to see if they are brave enough to try and test themselves. They also might be able to gain some more confidence after braving the climbing wall and they can support each other if they are struggling. Make sure to try out rock climbing with your team in 2019 for a fun activity that will take them out of their comfort zone.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is another great activity that your team will love because it will remind them of their childhood. They might have played laser tag when they were younger, but they have probably not had a chance to do it again. You will find that there are plenty of laser tag places in London that will let you bring your staff along and have a fun day out. Make sure to put them into teams that they are not comfortable in to encourage them to work together in different groups. This will help to make your team stronger in the future.

Escape Room

The final idea that we have for your team building day in 2019 is an escape room. This activity involves your team working together to get themselves out of a room using a series of puzzles. This is often more of an activity for a smaller team, but it can be really fun. Look out for escape rooms near you as you will find that they are popping up all over the place due to the popularity. Your staff will love this activity and you might even be able to improve their skills through it.

Final Verdict

It is very important that you host a few team building days throughout the year to make sure that your team are working together effectively. Think about trying an outdoor activity to give them some time to refresh or organise a game of laser tag to let them blow off some steam. When you do, you’ll have a team who work a lot better together in the future.



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