Procrastination is the bane of everyone that is attempting to be productive. Whether you’re a student looking to get a good job or an office employee that doesn’t want to work overtime tonight, here are a couple of ways to permanently beat your procrastination.

1. Find your motivation

What motivates you to work hard? Is it the idea of getting good grades? Is it because you want to earn a raise? Find your motivation so you can remain focused.

2. Remove those distractions

Identify what distracts you. Do you constantly find yourself looking at your phone while working? Put it in a drawer somewhere. Is the TV distracting you? Turn it off. Find those distractions and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

3. Find your workspace

Find where you work well. Do you work well at home? Do you work better in the library? Perhaps the local coffee shop is your preferred choice? Experiment with your workspace to find one that truly works for you.

4. Slice up large tasks

Large tasks are intimidating and this can make us lose focus. Learn to break them down into smaller chunks so you can enjoy small victories more often and manage larger projects.

5. Control your time

Time is the most precious resource we have that we can never get back. Once you realize just how limited you are, you’ll start to make better use of your time and focus on being as efficient and productive as possible.

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