Job search in 2023 and the coming years is becoming a non-trivial task. It is no longer enough to simply submit a resume and have relevant work experience. Let’s take a look at what employers pay attention to.


The resume is the primary document that employers look at first. If your resume is well-formatted, with a readable font, and all the information is structured, that’s a plus. The recommended size for a CV is 1 to max. 3 pages, anything more is unnecessary. Your LinkedIn profile should also be adapted to match your CV.

  • Relevant work experience
  • List of tools you are proficient in
  • Range of responsibilities you’ve handled on a project
  • Education
  • Location and time zone
  • Language proficiency
  • Photo – optional, may be included or not
  • Format of your resume – PDF

It’s recommended to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for. For example, some companies may not appreciate when you held a leadership position, and then decided to switch to a ML engineer role.

What’s next?

You have a resume, you clearly understand the position you are applying for, and have studied the LinkedIn profiles of other candidates in your location. What actions should you take next?

  1. You can submit applications through LinkedIn for open positions.
  2. Reflect on your LinkedIn that you are open to new opportunities and employment. This will update your status to #OpenToWork.
  3. Select companies that match your domain expertise and submit your resume through their websites.
  4. Utilize resources such as Dou and iBench to register as a freelance developer or designer, or as a BA, Project Manager.
  5. Tell your network of acquaintances that you are planning to change your job.

If you understand that your company is planning layoffs, start preparing for it today. Job searching is a systematic process. And a few tips for the interview.”

Online Interview Checklist:

  • Do not be late, check the time zone
  • Your camera should be turned on and well-positioned
  • Choose a quiet location for the interview, such as a dedicated room in a co-working space or a quiet café
  • Check the battery level of your headphones
  • Ensure internet connectivity is stable
  • Have the interview software (Google Meet, Zoom, Teams) set up ahead of time.

It is important to understand that the competition for jobs is becoming increasingly fierce. A single position may have had 10-15 applicants before, now it’s 40-60 even for a small organisation and can be in hundreds for well-known organisation. Your resume should be tailored to the specific job and remove any extraneous information. LinkedIn references will be an added bonus. When applying for a specific position, try to understand why you are the best fit for the company, not just your salary. Be sure to improve your mood if it is not good today. Remember, “You can’t sell an elephant with that attitude.”

I once went through over 40 interviews, everything seemed great, both my resume and LinkedIn profile were solid, but my English was holding me back. I decided to go back to school and improve my language skills. Two years of intensive study with a tutor turned the situation around.

The following day, upon ceasing my job search, I received simultaneous job offers from three companies.

We hope that our recommendations will be useful to you.

Denis, CEO/Founder



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