When you go after a job, you need to think about yourself as a marketable product. That’s essentially what you’re doing when you hunt for a new position. You’re selling yourself and what you could offer to a potential employer. An interview is all about saying, here I am, here’s what I can offer and here’s why you’d be lucky to have me. If an interview goes right, they’ll call you back straight away. You’ll have given them exactly what they wanted. The question here then is what exactly to employers want. Believe it or not, the answer isn’t complex, nor is it unique for each employer. You can impress any employer by making sure that you tick off these crucial boxes.


If you’re selling a product, and you are, you need a USP. This is a unique selling point. Something you can bring to the table that no one else can. There’s plenty of options here and the fact is, you probably already have a USP. You may just not recognise it as such. An example would be a gap year working in Africa helping a local community. This shows a number of things to an employer. It shows that you have initiative, a desire to help people. It also demonstrates that you can thrive in tough environments. Being part of a sports team could also be a USP. Particularly, if you have achieved success in this area or you are in a notable position.

Evidence Of Progression

You must show potential employers that you are not simply standing still. Business employees make this mistake all the time. Once they get a job, they stop working for the next one. They don’t go on training courses or boost their skills. You should be doing this every year, building up your resume with new achievements. Better yet, you can provide evidence for this clearly using CPD management. That way, your Continuing Professional Development can be tracked and viewed by a new employer. This could even lead to you getting headhunted for a position.

A Perfect Fit

Did you know that most employers choose whether they’re going to hire someone within two minutes of meeting them? It’s true because they know then whether or not that person is a good fit. So, how can you ensure that you are seen as a good fit for the business? Well, you need to show confidence, charisma, and you need to be charming. Shake their hand firmly and greet them warmly. Ask how they are and open with a comment about the business. Or, a topic that is relevant to the company. For instance, you could mention reading of one of their achievements the previous morning. Even if you don’t answer all the questions correctly, clicking could guarantee you the position.

Style And Appearance
It’s human nature to be attracted to people who look stylish, well dressed or well groomed. As such, if you can meet these targets, then you are more likely to be hired. Perceptions do matter, and you must make sure employers want you to represent their business.



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