For new business entrepreneurs, earning more, moving faster and coping with the inevitable stress of growing a business demands more than ability, enthusiasm and talent.

Self-motivation is an incredibly important skill for those who want to achieve their goals. The benefits of self-motivation have been known since ancient times, but the topic is more relevant today than ever. Take a look as some of the most successful entrepreneurs, and you will see living examples of self-motivation in action. How can you join their numbers?

Ignore what’s not important to you

When running a business, it is easy to get bogged down by the minutiae. Ignoring what doesn’t matter frees up energy and helps you stay focused and productive.

Create the right environment for yourself

An environment that doesn’t suit is not going to motivate you for anything. Find the perfect working environment, whether it is a home-based study or an office in the suburbs. You can find out more about what’s available by sitting down with your local property agent. Whether you are in a commercial office or at home, it is important to make your space “your own” so that it lives and breathes your energy and that of your business.

Evaluate and record your achievements

It’s human nature that some of us tend to forget about good things. Focusing on negatives is fundamentally wrong and can be a massive demotivator. Try to keep records and evaluate your progress every time you have a big success. Keep a journal of your achievements and take inspiration from them from time to time, as looking back with satisfaction on what you have done will certainly increase your self-motivation for future actions.

Talk about your projects

Sharing success with friends and family gives you the opportunity to see your achievements from different angle. It also creates a higher level of consciousness as to how far you have come, and will push you on to even greater things.

Define your goals

It is easy for aims to become diluted or distracted. Keep your goals in sight, write them down and continue to pursue them. Our minds work better when we are clear about what needs to be done.

Reward yourself 

When you achieve a goal or hit a target, take time out to reward yourself before rushing on to the next project.

Accept defeat

We can’t get everything right all of the time. One of the biggest barriers to self-motivation is the fear of failure. Every failure represents a valuable lesson, and an opportunity to learn. Keep that in mind, and you can use the power of failure to knock the next project out of the park.

Have fun and stay positive

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine knew what they were talking about. If you are not having fun, you won’t stay motivated for long, so look for the positives and try not to take life too seriously. Look for positive people and spend as much time around them as you can. They will always shift your mood in the right direction.



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