Now that customers can experience the sheer joy of having almost everything they buy delivered straight to their front door, more and more companies are including deliveries as part of their service plan. If you’re considering this route, there are some key issues to take into account (for instance where to get the best cheap van insurance for your vehicle) and also some simple steps to follow. These steps will allow you to break into the delivery market with as little risk as possible, and give you a good start to your new enterprise from the get-go. Whether you’re delivering office supplies or ice cream, having a strategy means a greater chance of success.

Truck, van or trailer?

Finding the right tool is part of every job, and starting a delivery company is no different. Depending on your product, you need to decide on the size and style of delivery vehicle. There’s little use in delivering pizzas in an articulated lorry. You also need to take into account your repair costs when you start your budget planning, as repairs can often take you by surprise, and having easy access to a local mechanic, a supply of trailer accessories or even a spare driver on call, all might save you a costly experience with an unhappy customer.

Specialist Equipment

Being able to get your product from A to B is all well and good, but carrying a heavy fridge up a flight of stairs isn’t going to do anybody any good. It’s important to have the right equipment to make every task easier, whether that be a suitable wheeled Dolly or hand truck or simply a portable credit card scanner. Always remember that it is worth checking local laws for the legal requirements in order to keep your staff and customers protected. It is also worth considering software such as field service management software which can be used to track workers and vehicles and help to speed up service delivery and improve customer service.


You have all of the staff, equipment, and product that you can handle but nobody even knows your business exists. Failure to market your services with a good name, a memorable logo or a striking van design, will ultimately lead to a lack of new customers, and your business is going to struggle. A good marketing campaign can all too easily be the difference between a business that fails and a business that grows, so neglecting your marketing strategy is a mistake that could cost you.

These three tips will make sure you get the best foundation for your business but the work doesn’t stop there. You also need to take into account the fundamentals of business management and ensure that you have the correct insurance, your accounts are up to date and that you are building a reputation that leaves your customers satisfied and your future customers impressed with your level of commitment. Once you have all of the boxes ticked, you can start to enjoy the process of running your business on a day-to-day basis. Building your reputation is your number one priority form the first time you open your doors, and with enough planning before you officially start to operate, you can be concentrating on growing your business rather than reacting to new emergencies caused by lack of forward thinking.



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