Can I really find a job using social media? Or people just overestimate the power of social media, and Facebook and Twitter can be used only for texting your friends? This question is a matter of a great interest for job seekers. Some of them say that social media did not help them find a job. At the same time, others claim that social media helped them win a job of their dream.

In 2018, social media will play an important role in the job search process. In terms of the number of users, Facebook wins over LinkedIn. The majority of Facebook profiles contain such information as age, employment information, educational background, past job titles, and even hobbies. This information is important for recruiters because they target their jobs ads to find candidates with the proper credentials.
The Internet is an essential job-seeking resource. In 2018, it’s important to create a digital resume and portfolio to attract the attention of the employers.

To sum everything up and help job hunters find an effective strategy, Resume Writing Lab created an infographic based on a careful study.
Recent research shows that in 2018, 96% of all the recruiters take advantage of social media for hiring new employees.

It’s up to you to decide whether you should write a LinkedIn profile or it’s better just to print a resume. If you want to discover which social media is the most helpful for a job search, how many HR-managers take advantage of social media, and how many enterprises are googling their candidates, check the following infographic.

Now you have all chances to be one of 2% who get an invitation to the interview. The numbers prove that if you don’t pay attention to your online presence, you can miss a lot of opportunities.

Today recruiters have a different approach as they value their time. This is the reason online sources are you best assistants. Read the infographic above once more and polish your online profiles. Good luck!



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