Preparing for an interview can be daunting. Whether it’s for your first full-time role or you’re a seasoned professional, showing yourself, your skills and your qualifications in the best light takes practice.

In industries such as hairdressing and beauty therapy, it is even more essential that you have all your skills nailed down before your interview. Hairdressing is a particularly skilled trade and employers want to see that you can walk the talk.

From looking the part, chatting effortlessly with clients, and knowing your way around the tools of the trade, our list covers all the skills your potential employers want to see in their new stylist.

Presentation skills

In client-facing roles like hairdressing, it’s just as important that you look the part. First impressions count for everything, make sure your hair is clean and well styled. Make sure the style is on-trend or timeless, but also practical for work.

Also, walk by the salon before your interview to see how everyone else is dressed and try to match that with your interview look.

Hairdressing skills

This might seem obvious but show off your hairdressing skills during your interview. Whether it’s washing hair correctly, advising on treatments, or skilfully using a professional hair dryer, it is essential that you show the salon manager what you can do.

Don’t worry if you don’t know everything and ask for guidance if needed. Your interviewer will want to see your commitment to progressing too.

Selling Skills

Salons usually sell a range of hair products and accessories. As part of your after-care service, get comfortable promoting these products to your customers. You don’t have to be pushy, just don’t forget to help the salon sell additional items.

You’re probably already familiar with which hair products do what. Show off this knowledge to your potential new boss in your interview.

Social skills

A big part of a hair stylists’ job is building relationships with clients and having excellent communication skills. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an extrovert but hone your service and conversation skills. You want to be able to put clients at ease and get them chatting.

Top tip: avoid asking obvious questions about holidays or talking about the weather. Get to know a client, even during a trial, and get them coming back to the salon.


Finally, bring your CV and proof of your hairdressing qualifications. References from tutors, former employers and client testimonials will all help too. If you’re transitioning from a different salon, talk about your current client base and how you built it up too. It will show your interviewer the potential you have to grow their business.



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