A lot of people are looking at the possibility of a career pivot. Perhaps recent realities have made it that your previous job has been or is at risk of getting cut off. Or perhaps you simply feel like you want to take control and change your career, but you don’t know how. Working on your individual qualifications and skills can always help, but you may already have marketable skills that can help you make the pivot. 

Here are a few skills you might have picked up with no formal training that could serve as the backbone of a new career.


Written communication skills are one of the most important transferable skills you can bring to any job. However, if you have a particular talent for communicating very well and being able to write confidently and with authority, then writing could very much become your job. Copywriters work with marketing agencies and brands to provide the written fuel of their marketing campaigns. Content writers work with websites and blogs, creating content on all manner of subjects to help populate everything from service pages to content marketing campaigns. Right now, the market for writers online is competitive. However, if you either have a broad enough range of topics you can write on or a particular niche that you’re particularly strong on, you can stand out amongst the rest.


If you can drive and you can drive well, then there are plenty of ways you can make money from it. Nowadays, ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft might get the most attention, but the possibility to turn these into a career is limited for a range of reasons. However, investing in improving your skills and turning them into a product, as is with the case with driving instructor courses could open up a whole new door to you, instead. In this case, you can end up starting your own business with plenty of potential to grow and see you earning more as time goes on. 

Social media

Are you the kind of person who is able to maintain a decent following on social media simply by being yourself? Can you identify just what makes a good post and how to engage with others on social media platforms? There are a plethora of businesses that could use that knowledge, especially in an age where online marketing and business continue to swallow up the traditional brick and mortar approach. Social media marketing and management are two positions you can find amongst any online marketing team or provide as a freelancer. Most businesses that market online are not operated by those who are savvy with modern communication. As such, if you are, it could be a real opportunity for you to get into the marketing world.

Of course, not everyone who has the skills above is well-suited to the careers that they might open the doors to. It’s a puzzle that needs a personal solution. However, the fact remains that you should take a closer look at the skills that you might already have and what career changes they can facilitate.




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