By the year 2020, experts predict that about 5 million workers will lose their jobs due to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). What does this mean?

Both good and bad. The so-called fourth industrial revolution will be the next phase in the evolution of technology, and we’ve already seen a glimpse of it in inventions like self-driving cars and the Internet of Things. The fourth industrial revolution seeks to interconnect these technologies further to make better ways of doing things.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. As technology advances, the need for new types of jobs will arise. Fields like marketing and sales are already integrating technologies like big data and the cloud to maximize their productivity.

As AI comes up with smarter and more capable machines, many jobs will be handed over to bots, and humans who previously did those jobs need to learn a new set of skills to adapt to the demand.

This infographic explains the ten skills that are likely to see the most demand in the job market by 2020. Job seekers who are planning their career should keep these in mind, as well as recruiters and HR specialists so that they can have a better idea on the best recruitment strategy in the future.

This infographic was created by Guthrie Jensen.

Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You



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