boss pictureIn an ideal scenario, where there is always a happy ending, we all would come across a boss who is one of the best as a person and as a senior colleague. He would have helped us achieve great success at work and is someone who would open doors for us in terms of growth and development. Everyone wishes to ride on a fairy tale like this, but seldom do we come across bosses who are genuinely that good. It is a known fact that one has to deal with bad bosses more than the good ones in their professional career.

However, anyway, whether it’s a good boss or a bad one, you have to adapt sometimes. If you have received a bad boss, whether it’s his anger issues or the management ones, you have to deal with it. Either you quit your job and become someone who runs away or you fight and face the challenge. The benefit of facing the challenge is you will learn more and grow faster than the others with the ability to work with difficult people, which is a rare one. Whatever your reason for adjusting with your boss is, it is going to make you a stronger professional and this is why you should try and manage with a difficult boss. Today’s blog is going to suggest some simple yet effective ways to help you manage and work with a difficult boss.

Observe the behavior and find common patterns

Your boss gets way too angry easily, doesn’t want to work on small things or hates to socialize? First, find out the problem that makes your boss a bad boss according to you. Whether it’s his discipline you do not like, his way of recognizing work, what exactly is it that makes him an undesirable boss?

Eliminate negativity and identify your boss’s motivation

No matter how bad is your boss, he must be motivated and get happy with something, whether it’s good food, good work, and discipline or business development. Now that you have found out both good and bad aspects, try to eliminate all the negativity and work on your boss’s motivation. 9 times out of 10, you should be able to easily motivate your boss and this will always keep him happy.

Work on changing his behavior

When you have found what kicks him and what annoys him, slowly and eventually work towards changing his behavior. Very subtly you should experiment and see if your plan is working, this way you will very soon change your boss to something he really was not before.

Focus on work

If you do great work, even your bad boss will be forced to like you because you become an important resource for him and the company. So never let any negativity affect your work at the end of the day, your actions and performances should be so strong that it forces your boss to show some casual and good side of him. This is the way smart employees work and fix their bosses.

Author Bio

Rick Hoffman is the author of this blog post. Rick works as a human resource manager at a firm in Australia. He likes to stay online and advise people on various issues from the site Dissertation-House. Rick also available at FacebookTwitterGplus.




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