Looking for a job is one of the hardest, most draining things you can do in your career. The constant moving around, talking to people, and even the rejection can be tiring.

The unemployment rate in America by June 2019 is at 3.7%. This is much lower compared to years past, but it can still be problematic.

If you are having a hard time looking, you need some good job search advice to help improve your hiring. We can help you with that.

In this guide, we’ll give you the best ways on how to look for a job. These tips will give you an edge when finding a new career and help you get a job quick.

1. Update Your Resume When You Look For A Job

Knowing how to organize a resume is one of the most crucial steps when you look for a job. When was the last time you got your resume in tip-top form? Many professionals waste a very long time before updating their resume.

Give your resume some rapid spruce before even sending it out.  The first thing you want to do is add any new skills that you have acquired over the time you didn’t update it. Add achievements that are relevant in your field.

Where you can, use resume buzzwords that are relevant to your field. These will help human resources people when they are scanning for potential details in your resume.

At the same time, remove any outdated skills that offer no value. When trying to learn how to look for a job, you want a dense resume with as little filler as possible. No sane recruiter will read a 5-page resume unless it’s for a CEO position, so make sure to have details that matter.

Before you send out your resume, it’s best to have others give it a good look. Finding someone to evaluate the content can be useful when learning how to find a new job.

2. Don’t Waste Your Time Finding The Perfect Job

If you ask career experts, it’s best to not be too picky when finding a new career. Of course, there’s nothing like the perfect job that has everything you want in it. The best job situation is the ultimate dream for everyone in their career.

You may not, however, get everything you want in a single job. Salary, work-life balance, and a fulfilling career don’t always match with each other. This is true if your field is under heavy saturation.

Make sure that perfectionism is not ruining your career.

It’s smart to leave yourself some wiggle room. We’re not advising you to give up and settle for something less than you deserve. Even then, don’t throw great opportunities when finding a new career.

3. Use Advanced Techniques In Job Boards

Job boards are one of the best touchpoints that can have job openings that you may not even hear down the vine. Even then, you want to do something to optimize your job search. With a literal list of thousands of job openings, you need to find which one would work for you.

Our first job search advice is to optimize your online resume. You would want to streamline the resume by adding skills relative only to the field you want. Cut out as much “fat” as possible in your online resume.

When you look for a job, prove to a recruiter that you know your stuff. Show that you read the entire job description with a thorough understanding of the company’s needs. Highlight achievements where you showed off your skills.

You would want to also send in your resume as soon as possible. Many companies will only open a job pool of around 250 applicants at most for big companies. Even then, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the quality of your resume and cover letter.

Unless you are applying for a graphics design position as well, it’s best to stay with the basic formatting. 

4. Sanitize Your Social Media and Use It In Finding A New Career

If you are going to use your social media as tools when finding a new career, clean it up. Remove any past posts that may pose as a character problem when your potential employer sees it. It’s crucial to sanitize as far as you can.

Remove provocative photos or videos that may give you undue headaches. If you have controversial comments or posts that you know can destroy your future career, take them out too.

Social media profiles are a great tool when creating a network around you. Establish a presence on social media by being active in areas that matter. If you are handling social media pages as admin, that can be a great show of your skills.

Craft professional bio profiles for your social media, from Twitter, Facebook to Instagram. Make sure your profile image is professional if you plan on using it as a work profile. If you have to, create a segregated profile for your personal and another for your professional life.

Connect with the authorities in your industry. Twitter and Instagram are great in helping you connect with high-profile people in the industry. Use your LinkedIn to pass around some genuine connections.

Make sure to know what you’re talking about if you’re going to flex on social media. You want to know as much as possible within your industry.

5. Use Twitter and LinkedIn More 

If you are looking to create serious connections online, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best for professional use. Twitter gives you a direct line to industry titans and their thoughts.

LinkedIn focuses more on a connection between professionals, so it’s great when you look for a job. When connecting with other professionals, create a sincere connect message. Show that you are serious in your intent to connect.

Finding The Best Job Search Advice

The best job search advice you can get to boost your hire rate is to be yourself. Looking for a job means trying to understand what the company is about. Showing that you understand your role and you can be an asset to the company is a crucial step.

If you want to learn more about how to find a new job, check our other guides. We have many different tips and tricks that can help you get a job quick. Take a look now.




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