You want to get into coding but aren’t sure if you want to go to college for computer science… or if you can. There may be another option: coding bootcamps.

Before you search for “best coding bootcamps”, you should think about what you want from it and whether it fits what you need at the time. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Like many other “bootcamps”, you will be taking a course where there will be a lot of information thrown your way … quickly. It is a stripped down class where only the most important parts of the subject are taught.

Why Should You Consider a Coding Bootcamp?

The first thing to consider is your budget. Bootcamps tend to cost a lot less than having to go to college. That can free up money for you to be able to do other things for your coding, like getting good equipment.

There are even bootcamps that can do payment schedules or you can even try to get an employer to sponsor you for this as a condition of getting a job at the company. This also meshes with another reason – the bootcamp teaches you certain coding skills that work well in the business.

Also, you won’t have to face the scrutiny of an admissions process, unlike going to a college. That means that more people will have the opportunity to do the bootcamp that might have difficulty getting into a university, whether it is due to academics or finances.

Why You Might Not Want to Go to a Bootcamp

As good as things may seem, there are also things you might consider on the other hand. Coding bootcamps tend not to be accredited, so you want to do thorough research on it before you commit.

You also won’t be going as in depth as you would if you went to a college program. That is also a good idea if you have a long-term plan instead of wanting to enter the field as rapidly as possible.

While these bootcamps do offer payment plans, you will not be able to apply for federal financial aid due to the lack of accreditation. So examine your financial situation carefully.

The thing about the coding bootcamp is that it can make you excel in a particular area of coding, but you should not view it as being akin to getting a computer science degree. But you have to decide what is best for you in your circumstances.



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