Marketing jobs are growing 9% faster than the national average for jobs. This fact is a clear indicator that there is a demand for qualified personnel in the field of marketing.

A degree in marketing will help you get into the fast-paced business of branding, advertising, and selling to potential customers. Getting that degree will depend on your time, goals, and financial commitments you are willing to make.

Crucial Steps Involved When Getting a Degree in Marketing

Diving into the marketing career does not begin once you get into a marketing school. It should start as early as high school. Learn how you can get a marketing degree through the following steps:

Complete High School

The first step of getting a degree in marketing is getting a high school diploma. Understanding Math and English is important. Those two have a lot to do with marketing and business unlike subjects such as Physics and Biology. You could also join organizations and clubs that promote skills needed from marketers.

Join A Good Marketing School

Joining a good marketing school is essential after you get your high school diploma. Marketing as a course is a staple major in most universities and colleges. Completing the degree will take you about four years to complete.

It is worth noting that marketing and business studies are intertwined. You can also get a business degree with an emphasis in marketing.

Choose One Type of Marketing Specialization

There are several types of marketing degrees awarded by institutions of higher learning. The type of marketing degree you want will depend on the line of career that you want. Here are some of the most popular marketing degrees offered today:

Digital Marketing

This one covers various aspects of a company’s online marketing strategies. They include social media marketing, search engine optimization, online brand management, email marketing, and influencer management. The dynamic nature of digital marketing allows marketers to develop many creative strategies almost every day.

Learners are also taught how to craft creative marketing campaigns. The campaigns are implemented through social media platforms, email newsletters, mobile apps and online influencers. Learners are also equipped with skills on how to use online marketing tools such as Facebook Business and Google AdWords.

Click here to learn how you can get started on a career in digital marketing.

Public Relations

Public Relations is the art of managing communication of information about individuals or organizations to an audience. While it is not particularly a part of marketing, Public Relations Officers help create exposure for the client.

They achieve this by cultivating interest among the select target audience. They also strive to find ways to publish the information on platforms that do not need payment. People holding Public Relations degrees can enter almost any industry they deem fit.

Marketing Research and Analytics

As a marketing researcher, part of your job description will be to analyse data on consumer behaviour. This involves identifying marketing opportunities, finding out information about the target audience, and monitoring consumer behaviour. Insights gained from analysing consumer behaviour will help you determine the most suitable marketing strategies to sell a product or service.

Marketing Management

This is a degree that specializes in the practical applications of marketing. The course content should cover marketing techniques and organizational marketing management. It should also include buyer behaviour, advertising trends, brand management, and marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Over the past decade, social media has revolutionized advertising for both brands and consumers. Brands use social media to advertise while consumers use social media to find product reviews as well as online stores to buy from. A degree in social media marketing will teach you strategies how to influence these consumer choices.

This degree will cover the implementation and assessment of the most successful social media marketing strategies. It also covers creating digital and social media marketing campaigns for different platform with respect to their different features and users. For instance, Instagram is more visual-oriented, making it a good place to share videos while Twitter, is a shortened-text platform.

Get a Marketing Internship

There is no better way to get exposure to the marketing field than through an internship. During the internship program, you will gain a better understanding of how to apply what you learnt during class in the real world. It will also be easier for you to get a gist of what to expect once you start working.

Most colleges and universities will need at least three months of internship. But it is advised that you begin your internship as soon as your first year. That way, your resume will be a gold mine of experience and training.

You may also get a well-paying job from one of the organizations that train you on marketing.

Get Some Work Experience

Your first entry-level job will not pay as good as you hope. However, it will give you unmatched experience in the corporate world. Besides, this job will teach you a lot about budgeting and how to maintain a work-life balance.

Good Marketing Does Not Establish Links, It Establishes Relationships

A degree in marketing can get you into many fields and industries. There are marketing opportunities in the hospitality industry, construction, legal, and even medicine. A degree in marketing will thus be an invaluable addition to you getting a job in the field.

The average pay for a mid-level marketing manager is around $124,850. The lucrative salary should give you a more positive outlook if you choose to take up marketing as a career. Keep reading our blog for more tips and information on how you can land that dream job you’ve always wanted.




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