Going for a new job is a tough test of character. Having your skills, previous experience and general image judged and picked apart by a panel of people – it’s a minefield. You want to impress your potential employers and when the nerves kick in, it can feel impossible. Remember; the hardest part is actually over. The world is full of too many people and not enough jobs, so to have received the phone call offering you an interview over all the other candidates – the hard bit is over.

You only get a small bit of time to convince the panel that you are absolutely the right person for the job. It’s stressful, but it’s doable and all it takes is a little practice and right professional attitude to make it happen. Your education from high school, to college, to that online masters with Maryville University will be talked about. They’ll ask you why you chose certain courses and what you hope to gain from them. Your employment history will also be discussed in great detail, so ensuring your resume is in perfect shape is your first job. You’ll have the chance to talk about any goals you have alongside your past experiences. With these tips, you can nail that job interview you’ve been so worried about.

  • Research. Companies love to ask you what you know about them. If you have done your research before you attend the interview, you can wow them with your knowledge of their awards, accolades and where their business seems to be going. They want to know you care enough about their company to have looked them up beforehand.
  • Rehearse. There are hundreds of job coaching websites that can give you some job specific interview questions to practice. You want to rehearse your answers but not sound too rehearsed upon interview. You only need to practice enough for your words to sound clear, concise and confident.
  • Chat. Interviews are about more than what the employers think of you. Remember that you are interviewing them, too. You need to ensure that the company is the right one for you to work for. Between questions, you need to indulge in a little small talk, even about the weather!
  • Return. Return every question you get with one you’d like to learn about the business. As we’ve said, you’re not just being interviewed; you’re interviewing them. You need to know that they fit your goals for the future and they can offer you what you need to progress.
  • Confidence. Fake it ‘til you make it if you have to, but your confidence is key in your interview. Look at these body language tips for that professional image that you want to project during the interview. Don’t forget, your interviewers are just people! They’re not monsters ready to bite your head off. Treat them as equals and they’ll respect that.

Your interview technique can take some time to hone, but with enough practice and work, you can nail any job interview with confidence and poise.



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