The tech and IT industry are tough nuts to crack. Technology has rapidly infiltrated every part of our lives, and the role of an IT developer or skilled individual has never been more important. However, despite the boom of the IT job market, companies are looking for the best of the best for their business.

However, if you can prove you’re the best, you’ll have no problem getting a job, securing a promotion, or taking your career to new heights. One of the best ways to enhance your chances is making sure you have a high level of IT certification that helps you shine above the rest.

To help you put your best foot forward, today we’re going to explore five of the best types of IT certification that can give you the education and experience you need for your next career progression.

Security Certifications

As IT continues to spread deeper and deeper into the fabric of modern-day society, more and more users are becoming aware of the importance of internet security and are becoming more aware of what to look for in a company or product.

By becoming certified in a security-related course, you’re showing that you understand the dangers that come with IT, how to address them, and how you can improve them for both the customer and business side of things.

UX Designer Certifications

Standing for ‘User Experience,’ this is a certification which is becoming wildly popular and necessary with modern-day technology. While there are many variations of these courses, some ranging from 4-year full-time university courses to 1-year boot-camp courses, there’s so many to learn and many areas to explore.

By holding this knowledge, you can show your knowledge of the importance of user experience in your IT products, and how this affects your workflow.

Microsoft Certifications

The computer giant Microsoft offers four main types of certification based on their server platform. While these certifications are ideal if you’re planning on working with Microsoft and Windows Server applications, these are all the courses cover, so may be limited if you’re planning on growing your career elsewhere.

Self-Certified & Online Courses

If you don’t fancy paying out or investing in a premium course, there are still plenty of training opportunities you can try out yourself, many of which from the comfort of your own home. These are made possible thanks to an engaging library of IT training courses which can cover all areas of IT.

The vast majority of these courses and training videos are hosted online, which mean you can access them from anywhere, and take your own time when completing them.

Cisco Certifications

If you’re looking for a network-based certification, it doesn’t get much better than Cisco. These courses are set up and revolve around medium to large-sized networks and cover many aspects including wireless networking and network security. This is the most common IT professional certification out there but is sure to be essential for career progression.


As you can see, there are many types of certification out there that can help you boost your career as an IT professional. Of course, you’ll want to match the certifications to the type of career you have or want, but any of these are sure to give the skills and knowledge you need on your way to the top.



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