Digital transformation is one of the most important digital trends for businesses today. But digital transformation isn’t just about what’s happening inside your company – it’s also about who you bring into your organisation to help drive that change while making the most of the cloud-native benefits available at your disposal.

Some of Europe’s best business leaders from Contino’s digital innovators’ report revealed that recruitment and hiring the best people for jobs were absolutely critical for sustaining digital transformation and business success.

Why is Recruitment Important for Digital Transformation?

Recruitment is more important than ever for digital transformation success because digital professionals are becoming increasingly rare. There’s a growing shortage of digital talent worldwide, and this trend will likely continue as the job market becomes even more competitive.

Digital skills are fast-growing in demand, so organisations need to cast their nets wider when looking for potential recruits – but they also need to make sure they’re casting a net that’s digital-specific.

Recruiters have been quick to catch on to this digital skills gap, and there are now digital jobs in just about every industry out there – from marketing management positions at large brands or SMBs all the way down through technical roles like software development engineers and cloud operations engineers.

There are digital specialists that work in every industry, and digital transformation is now seen as an integral part of business strategy – so the digital talent pool has become much larger than it ever was before!

Hiring the Right People is Critical to Success

One of the business leaders from Contino’s report, Matthew Griffin, Head of Digital (Commercial Development) at Transport for London, said “Keep people informed and be open and honest with them about how things work. If you keep at it and you genuinely create shared interest, eventually you get to a point where you’ve got a level of trust that allows you to move forward.

Work hard at the ‘people stuff’. No matter how good the strategy, it’s ultimately down to the individuals. Hire good people and let them get on with it.”

The digital transformation goal for Transport for London was to break ground with innovative funding models in the private sector and through their digital transformation process success factors – Hire good people, trust them; be passionate; slow and steady wins the race – it is allowing the TFL to progress with their aims.

One of their aims is to continue improving the commuter experience and deploy comprehensive mobile coverage between stations, as well as ensure that the underground tunnels are deployed with new cabling and software-defined radios to transmit 5G in the future.


The digital revolution is proving to be a game-changer for businesses, and it’s up to prospective digital leaders to lead the charge.

If your company isn’t on board with digital transformation yet – now is the time! Digital leadership can boost bottom lines while increasing customer satisfaction rates across all channels. And companies that are able to successfully digitalise and transform will be at a huge advantage moving forward.




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