If you have made the big decision to start looking for work abroad then there are lots of things to think about. You need to start considering all the practical aspects before you travel to look for work overseas or accept any job offer there.

But what advice do you need to take on-board when thinking of working abroad?

Working abroad needs careful planning  

As with any big changes to your life, you need to make sure you have got everything in order before fully committing to it. The below are some essential factors to consider:

  • Visa’s and paperwork – for most foreign countries you move to for employment, you will need some official paperwork, other than an entry visa, from that country’s authorities to allow you to work there. Make sure you know what you need and apply for it in good time as it can take months to come through. Be sure to carry it with you to show to the authorities at your destination when you arrive.


  • Healthcare – in the UK we are very lucky to get free healthcare via the wonderful NHS. However, most other countries globally don’t have that kind of service for free. Make sure you check out the healthcare arrangements in the country you are moving to and take out any medical insurance if needed.


  • Check out the cost of living – it is vital to thoroughly research the country and the particular  area in which you will be living. As well as getting up to speed with the culture, it is also useful to know what the cost of living will be. You wouldn’t want to get there and find out it is too expensive for you to live a comfortable life.


  • Learn the language – if you are going to a country in which English is not the first language, then it is wise to have lessons before you go to learn some useful phrases. That will help with your daily working life and make it easier to settle into the new country.


  • Set up a bank account – when you finally arrive in the new country to begin work, you must set up for a bank account. That will allow your wages to be paid in and will ensure there are no delays in getting your money. It will also have the added bonus of making it easy to send money back home to family and also to receive money from them for occasions like your birthday or when you need some extra cash for some reason. Many expat workers use a money transfer service to help as they normally offer a better exchange rate than banks, and there are many money transfer companies in London to choose from.


Working overseas is amazing

Although there is much to think about, working abroad is a great thing to do. It will not only bring you new life experiences and new friends, you will come home with some important new skills for your CV.







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