If you are in school, then now is the time to think about careers that you want. Even if you are already doing a job, you can always move around and retrain. Going to work is something that we will do for a lot of our lives. So if you do something that you don’t even consider work, then you’re onto a winning combination. So when it comes to choosing a career, it is important to think about your strengths. Are you good with people and communicating well? Would that kind of role be your worst nightmare? Do you think you’d prefer a more hands-on role, or would you be fine with working in an office environment? You have to think about all of those things, as well as the things that you enjoy.

For example, do you enjoy working alone or do you much prefer teamwork? Do you prefer to work with children or adults? Do you even like working with animals? If the latter is your thing, then you’re in luck. I’m going to share with you some possible career options for animal lovers. There are a lot out there; more than you might think. A love for animals can start when we are quite young. So it would be nice to carry that over into your adult life. Like I have said, if you do a job that you love so much, it isn’t even considered work. It can be great to be at that point in your life. So what options are there?

First of all, most people will know that a love of animals quite often leads to working in veterinary care. It can be quite a tough course of study, being mainly science based. So it won’t be for everyone. You need to be dedicated and achieve the right kind of grades for it. It could be a good idea to get a job working as a vet’s assistant to start with. Then you could see if this kind of job really is the right one for you. There are many different courses that you could do to help too. You could specialize in a particular field or with a particular animal. On a similar vein, a marine biologist will do so some similar work to a vet. They just have a focus on marine and aquatic animals and mammals. So if that appeals to you a little more, it is worth looking into.

There are plenty of other options for animal lovers too. You could run your own business running a kennels or cattery. So when people go away and need their pets looked after, you can care for them. People will pay good money to have their pets cared for. So it can be quite a lucrative career. Particularly if you are the one working for yourself. You can involve the family in it too. All of the dogs would need to be walked and played with. So other family members could help out in the business too. Being a dog walker would be pretty fun for a part-time job for someone in college, for example. You could even do some online dog grooming courses or additional care for cats courses. Then you will be able to look after the pets in a great way.

Pet care is a big thing too. So if you’d prefer the more glamourous side to caring for pets, you could be a pet groomer. You could wash and bath the animals to make sure they’re all nice and clean. As well as trimming their fur and neatening them up. Pets become like members of the family to many people. So they are willing to splash out on them from time to time.

If you have lots of pets of your own, you might want to get into breeding. Again; this can be quite a lucrative way of making money. There is a lot of money in the pet industry! For certain breeds or crossbreeds of dogs, people will pay plenty of money for them. So that could be something to look into. You would need the space and resources to care and house for a lot of pets, though. Puppies won’t go to a new owner until they are around eight weeks old. And if you keep repeating the process, there will always be quite a lot of animals around.

I hope this has given you some inspiration as what you could do as a pet lover. There are plenty of things. It is just picking what is right for you.

This is a guest blog post.



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