A lot of progressive companies offer the advantageous paternity leave policies. Here you will make sure that taking a paternity leave won`t hurt your career but, on the contrary, will give you some time to re-assess your job preferences

A Paternity Leave: Does It Really Have Any Benefits?

Paternity leave isn`t something new in our today`s society. It is an indicator of the serious social progress in the workplace. Parents share the burden of childcare equally so mothers have some time to improve their career prospects and fathers can re-assess their occupation and gain an enriching experience at the same time.

In recent years a parental leave for fathers has become a winning solution for both European and American working families. It is the period of time when a father terminates his employment in order to take care of his newborn baby. First of all, such alternative will benefit a mother`s career, especially if a woman is a breadwinner of the family. Fathers will perform a wide range of child-care tasks that will provide engagement and bonding with his baby. Such early father-baby interaction will also influence a child`s learning abilities in the future.

A paternity leave will give fathers the opportunity to learn everything about their kids. What is more, all household work and childcare chores can become more gender balanced. It will definitely change the longstanding cultural norms about childcare responsibilities.

Pay attention to paternity leave possibilities while applying for a job

A lot of companies have taken into the consideration that fact that the rate of fathers who want to take a paternity leave to have more baby-bonding time and help their spouses is quite high. While choosing your new workplace it`s very important to pay attention to companies with great paternity leave policies due to a number of reasons.

Companies, which empower their employees with the paid parental leave, don`t only give them the chance to achieve their desired professional goals but become and remain supportive fathers. Moreover, a paternity leave policy guarantees that fathers have the support they require to prioritize their family responsibilities and meet work demands at the same time.

Re-assess your career during your paternity leave to find out what you really want

A paternity leave is a great time to think whether you want to return to your previous workplace or change your occupation completely. You should reconsider a lot of aspects in order to make the final decision.

  • What do you want from life exactly?
  • Would you like to get a promotion?
  • Do you feel fulfilled at your work?
  • Does your employer offer your flexible working hours?
  • Are you ready to give up work?
  • Do you have a passion to learn something new?
  • Are you open to the challenge?
  • Would you like to tailor your individual professional development plan?
  • Is your current job worth your time and pay?
  • Does your job make you happy?
  • Have you grown since starting this position?
  • Is it possible to transfer your skills to new industries?
  • Do you really need a new career?

It`s quite surprising but a lot of fathers think that a complete career change would be more exciting than returning to the same job. They try not to miss a beat in their professional career and explore all possible options and possibilities. To choose a different path is quite difficult especially when your life changes completely when you become a parent. However, it is quite possible to achieve work and home life balance in our modern society. Just remember that you are not trapped in a dead-end position.


In most communities mothers are still expected to cope with all child-caring duties but there are a lot of fathers who are going to break all the stereotypes and let their wives climb their career ladder. A great deal of companies is also ready to break all cultural and economic barriers that may appear to prove that both employers and employees` families can benefit from a paternity leave. It can also be the most suitable time for men to rethink their career goals and reach the right path. Just enjoy your paternity leave and prove the society that it is important to achieve equality in the working world and at home.

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