Graduating university is a massive step in anyone’s life, and has massive repercussions for their career. The big question on everyone’s lips is what do you do after graduating? What options are available to you?

To find the answers to these questions, take a look at the article below:

Find A Job

The most natural step after graduating from university is to head out into the big wide world and find a job. Ideally, you’ll want a graduate job that relates to your degree, so the last few years of your life weren’t wasted. In some professions, you almost walk into a job after uni, literally. Doctors, dentists, and most other health care graduates will find jobs instantly. The same can be said for other skilled roles too, like engineering for example. With other degrees you might find it hard to get into your chosen field, so, use your degree to give you an advantage at getting other jobs until an opportunity arises in your dream field. There are loads of companies that have graduate schemes where you can apply for a job if you have a degree. Check these out, and you could get a job soon after graduating.

Study For A Masters

A highly common step some people take is they stay in university to study for a masters degree. A masters is highly commended by employers and will look exceptional on your CV. Plus, that extra year can help you learn some valuable skills that will serve you well in the working world. In a lot of universities, you don’t get postgraduate funding which puts a lot of graduates off from pursuing their masters. However, nowadays, you can study for your masters and work at the same time. You could get a part-time job and then sign up for online MSc programmes that you can complete from home. This means you get some money saved up, while also studying a masters degree at the same time. All things considered, a masters degree can really put you ahead of the rest in your chosen field, particularly in a highly skilled industry.

Get A Second Degree

Alternatively, you can return to uni and study a different degree after you graduate the first time. This isn’t a masters degree, it’s a completely separate degree. Some people choose to do this as the combination of both degrees helps them appear more employable and find better jobs.


Finally, you can ignore all of the above and take some time out to go travelling instead. Why do this? Well, you might struggle to find a job after uni or still not be sure what you want to do in life. So, taking a year out and travelling the world might help you find your true calling and decide what you want to do. It also might help you see what the job market is like in other countries for someone like you with a degree.
When you graduate university, be aware that there are multiple options you can choose from. Figure out what you want to do, and then travel down that path.



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