You want to build the best healthcare staff possible each and every time. Of course, no one is perfect. But there are some potentially avoidable mistakes out there that can wind up costing you time and money.

Not Listening to Your Instincts 

Sometimes you are just so eager to get someone working that you force the match despite your inner voice (sometimes LOUDLY) expressing its displeasure. You need to look at each candidate and see what positives and negatives they have – like their commute time, or their attitudes about certain things. You want to try to get this right the first time, so take a quick step back and then view them again from a slightly different lens.

Of course, you will get better at this as time goes on. Your instincts about who can go where will get sharper with each passing day. But you are not infallible and it’s good to remember that.

Calling Them At Inappropriate Locations… Namely Work 

Yes, it can be hard to reach some candidates at home – it seems like they are never there. But calling them at their current place of employment should be avoided since they might not even want their management to know that they are looking. This can create a difficult situation.

Technology has made being discreet even easier. You can send them an email or text them, for example. That way, they can get back to you at their pace.

Not Taking a Close Look at Their Background

There are some candidates that might excel in one area of healthcare while struggling mightily in another. You don’t want to send them into that second job, do you? Take a look at what you are trying to match and what the candidate offers… again, this is about instinct.

Not Giving Them Enough TIme to Prepare For an Interview

Yes, the job might have sprung up rather quickly, but you want to avoid putting your potential candidate on the hot seat. Getting matched for a job can be hard enough without this added stressor. Try to remember that they work on a tight schedule and work around that.

That doesn’t mean that healthcare staffing is so difficult that no one can do it. It’s quite the opposite… all you have to do is apply these common sense ideas and you will be off and running before you know it.



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