Most marketers think of social media pages to connect with potential customers. They’re so quick to think of the ‘digital’ that they forget about the analog.

We mean the humble business card. It’s a physical slice of your business’s marketing. The tangible nature of the card makes your business feel real.

But a shocking 88 percent of business cards get thrown away. Within a week.

Get your designs into the 12 percent of cards that people keep. Let’s check out the trends for the coolest business cards.

Go Minimal

How much information does a business card actually need? You need your email, phone, and website.

Maybe a social media link. But add anything else and it starts to get cluttered.

Minimalism lets you have a cool, sleek design. And the empty space gives potential clients somewhere to write a few notes about you.

Miniature Portfolio

Why waste the empty space on the reverse of the card? Use it as a miniature portfolio!

Headshot photographers might include an example of their work. Or artists might carry a series of cards, each featuring a different piece.

Having a range of designs or photos on your cards gives you options. You can hand over the image that best suits the potential client.

Different Materials

You don’t have to stick to simple cardboard. Designers can choose from a wider array of materials for their cards.

Thicker card stock gives your business an air of sophistication. It also lets you choose a textured finish that people love to touch.

Or go for letterpress and have an embossed feel. This pairs really well with bold typography.

Thin acrylic looks modern and innovative. Go really inventive. Use UV ink so it glows under sunlight. 

Interactive Business Cards

These cards are great because they double up as another item. A potential client is less likely to throw away a card they can use.

Are you an engineer? Add measurements to a plastic business card to turn it into a ruler!

A bike repair shop might have metal cards that double as toolkits.

Design sliding parts that move in or out of the card. Or create a foldable card that turns into something else.

Coloured Edges and Die Cut

Business cards don’t even have to be plain rectangles now. Why not use die cutting to change its shape?

In case you were not already aware, die-cutting refers to a process in which a machine such as a digital cutting table is used to mass-produce cut-out shapes. You can learn more about this process and the equipment involved by taking a look at some of the resources on the Duplo International website.

Rounded corners are good because it stops the corners from getting dog-eared in a wallet. Or get the card die-cut in the shape of your logo. You can use businesses like Tru-cut to get the design you specifically want if you cannot do it yourself at home.

It’s an easy way to make your business card stand out.

Coloured edges achieve the same effect. That way, people can spot your card even in a stack of other cards.

The Coolest Business Cards Stand Out

You don’t want to have an edgy or wacky design just to stand out. The coolest business cards also support the brand vision or strategy of the business.

They’re memorable and create the right impression. Build good associations with clients through cards they’ll admire or use again.

Are you using business cards to get hired? Explore our blog for tips and tricks to get you through the interview.



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