You can do all the right things to get the attention of recruiters with a professionally written resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, online job boards, networking, the works! And all those things are important and do get noticed by hiring managers. Yet, there are still a few lesser-known strategies that seem to draw the recruiters to you like a magnet.

That’s right. Blog! I know you are an executive with little time on your hands to create a blog site, material, and be consistent in posting fresh material. If your blog is industry focused it can highlight your ideas, expertise, personal brand and showcase your unique value proposition to potential employers. The blog site can also act as a mini online resume in the information about you area. There are many ways to show-off your talent here.

If starting your own blog just isn’t something that you are willing or able to engage in during your job search, consider how you can contribute to other published sources. These can be industry blogs, news-related journals or online magazines, books, radio shows, teleseminars, conferences, the list is almost endless. Being quoted or sought out for your expertise sets you apart from your competition. Your name keeps showing up in the industry magazine quoted as saying X and so on. It increases your credibility in a major way and piques the interest of recruiters.

Informational Interviews
Many executives resist conducting informational interviews and prefer to find out about the players in the industry through the internet or other resources. And that’s one way. However, informational interviews are powerful and effective for both job search and professional networking. Making stronger connections with someone new by taking a few minutes to find out about their career and experience gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand. Stick to the facts and don’t ask for a job. Keep the interview informational and relationship building only.

Public Speaking Getting yourself in front of audiences (industry related or not) can have a powerful effect on your job search. Associations and business organizations are always looking for speakers for their events. Present on topics of interest, your expertise in a particular industry, or on subjects like marketing, sales, etc. These could be in-person seminars, or virtual webinars. The venue isn’t as important as the fact that you are reaching beyond your network to communicate to people about what you know. It shows you are a confident leader with true value to share with others.

Try one of these magnet-attracting strategies to expedite your job search. The results will be worth it!




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