If you have once again failed to find your dream job, you might be open to changes and new offerings from creative and trendy business makers this will turn your turn your world upside down. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform with over 2 billion active users worldwide has just launched an app allowing its users to find a job directly from their accounts.’

What is new?

You may have mastered the art of writing and have your resume ready to send to the employer or you have had your resume altered with the help of the professionals like Resume Writing Lab but the following information can put your mind to ease and let you be yourself when you communicate with the prospective boss from your Facebook messenger.

They say that Facebook’s new job opening posts are poaching the business from LinkedIn. Some, however, find it to be a perfect example of what seizing the opportunity means. You have to act faster and more bravely than everybody in order not to let the chance go past you.

It’s considered that Facebook has found its way in all the spheres of our life, and the recent news about Facebook working on a new, mind-reading technology just prove that fact, so people should make something of it at least. If you have used to looking for job opportunities with the help of by far the biggest service for job hunting such as Business Pages, you will be happy to hear that now you will have the news about the positions’ openings right to your Facebook account.

The upside

So, what differentiates Facebook significantly from all the other job searching platforms that users have been working with so far? First of all, it is the simplicity.

1)   You get all the processes done on your phone which is absolutely great since you have a master degree in using it.

2)   You apply for the job while being in your comfort zone which gives you more confidence and motivates you open to the person on the other end. You feel safe because all the people on Facebook are considered to be friends, so you won’t be nervous as much.

3)   You have the contacts immediately and you can easily check out the working place by just stopping by and talking directly to the employer.

4)   You don’t have to even to look for a position as much as you did before. You can just be a member of a group online and the opportunity might just pop up from one of the followers. This aspect also means that someone of your friends may see a position that he knows would be perfect for you and tag you along.

5)   You are being introduced to a whole new level of job hunting. You are exposed to a diversity of offerings from all the various start-ups and new businesses that are looking for people ready to take risks and explore their possibilities. A countless number of employers is trying out the app these minute in order to attract more creative and open people into their business.

6)   You may find a job that you even didn’t know you wanted. Huge job-searching platforms seem to have forgotten the human element in the equation. There are millions of Facebook users who are ready for a job if it comes.

What’s the catch?

You may, however, think that nothing can be that trouble-free. You are absolutely right. As usual, you have to consider everything you post on your page. This may the downside for people who don’t want to let the new employer know about their skeletons in the closet which a Facebook page is usually full of. This is the trick of the experience of finding a Job via Facebook. It may seem that you are on a friendly footing with a future employer, although you do want to be taken as a professional which is hard to do once you have posted something undesirable on your page.

The way forward

You may have seen a very promising promo video about this new app. It is full of hope and motivation for you to proceed and be bold. Some people say that comparing LinkedIn to a Facebook is like putting iPhone and cheap Chinese fake together. Some, however, disagree. The vast majority of people are now using both platforms and most of them are ready to take any chance they get to have a well-paid job. It all comes down to you, the future employee. You will probably find a good position on both LinkedIn and Facebook. It is you who will make the decision to opt for one of the job boards. You just need to be confident in your choice and use all the power and skills you have to find what your mind and heart wants.

Author bio:

Anna Blanchet is an online manager of Resume Writing Lab, a professional resume writing service. She specialises in resume writing and job search tips.



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