Whether we like it or not, we all have to make a living. Job hunting is one of those harsh realities of life that just cannot be avoided. Now, everyone will tell how to prepare for a job.

Know Your Resume By Heart:

The problem with the resume is that it is necessary but everybody knows it. So, everybody finds out how to make a good resume nowadays. It does not make you stand out. However, if you do not do it, you will stand out in a negative manner. So, you need to put some serious thought behind it. Do remember that the resume is not only for the recruiter to glance through and shortlist people for interview. Once you appear in the interview, they will ask questions based on the resume to learn more about your qualification and experience. So, you need to be very clear about every point you write and prepare to explain and defend the same. Also, do not include exaggerated details because eventually you won’t be able to defend them at a face to face interview.

Develop Other Online Properties:

In the digital age, you also need to go beyond the resume. You will have to create an entire online presence because the recruiter can always Google your name and try to see what other information is available. If you already have some achievement that made news, they will find it and will be impressed. Even otherwise, you should make sure that your own online channels such as social network accounts and blogs are in good shape. Keep your private information private, I.e. make sure that they are visible only to your friends and family while other more important aspects should be readily visible to whoever is searching it. You can also consider uploading a video introduction of yourself in YouTube so that people can have an idea about your whole personality.

Collection Information about the Employer:

In this day and age, any information can be found online. If your potential employers are finding out about you, you can do the same too. Spend some time to research about your potential employer. This will help you understand what they prefer and enable you to prepare your answers accordingly. Moreover, recruiters prefer candidates who are informed and knowledgeable. They would like the fact that you know enough about the history of the organization you are applying for.

Keep Networking:

Furthermore, in the digital era it pays to network. Get to know people and keep in touch with them because you never know when they would come handy. For instance, you might have made good rapport with some professionals during your internship. Keep in touch with them via LinkedIn and someday someone might help you get a job. However, do note that you have to be subtle and smart in it. DO not just go and ask for help straightaway. Be smart and build an impression.

If you are still looking for a more detailed approach, you can follow this infographic and try to follow the steps mentioned.



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