When you’re looking for your first job after graduation, you’re competing with thousands of other graduates. So you can’t be complacent and assume that your degree means a job will fall into your lap. You have to be proactive and make strenuous efforts to find a job. Many people go for the standard approach of mailing in your resume; there’s nothing wrong with trying this approach, and it works just fine for some people. However, when you’re competing with countless others for available job vacancies, you need to stand out to get your resume in the ‘interview’ pile. So instead of, or in addition to, sending in your resume, you can try the following more inventive ways of finding a job:

Print leaflets with your resume and distribute them near a company you’re interested in working for

A lot of people try approaching an employer on social media because they think it’s the way to get attention. While it’s true that social media can often spread very quickly, there’s no guarantee that the right person will see your message – and it might get lost among all the others, just as a resume will. But if you try distributing leaflets with your resume near a company you’d like to work for, you might just get the attention of someone who matters. It will certainly make you stand out, as nobody else will be doing this! It’s a direct approach, and that kind of tactic can be very effective.

Will it work? Well, you don’t know unless you try it! All you have to lose is some time and the cost of printing some leaflets, which you can do at home if you have a printer. However, you’ll need to be pretty confident to try this, and not be put off by anyone throwing away your leaflet or refusing to take it. It also depends on being there at the right time and catching the eye of someone in charge of hiring.

Go there in person

The fact is that if you apply in written form, you’re just another applicant. Recruiters have no idea who you are. So going in person to the company and asking to see whoever’s in charge of recruitment – or even the boss if you’re brave enough – can pay off. As with the suggestion above, you’ll need to be bold. The risk is that you’ll be fobbed off with someone who plays no part in recruitment, but equally you could get to speak to someone with influence, or who can put in a word with the people who do the hiring. It’s definitely a proactive method and could impress recruiters with your determination and initiative.

 Nurture contacts

It’s said that the majority of jobs are never advertised on the open market, but are instead filled by word of mouth. So always look out for any opportunity to network and make contacts. These could be people you met in college or friends of friends; it’s easy to keep in touch via social media. Let people know what kind of employment you’re interested in – they may remember you in the future when they have a suitable vacancy, or be able to mention your name to others. People often prefer to go on recommendations from people whose opinions they trust, so even indirect contacts – friends of friends – may have something to offer you.


Many jobseekers use the volunteering route to get into full-time employment. It’s an especially useful option for new graduates, who may not have any work experience; companies often prefer candidates with experience. It’s also beneficial if you want to get into a particular field, as you can gain relevant experience and make contacts that could lead to a job. There are benefits of volunteering but the downside is that you could end up just giving your time for free, plus some companies take advantage and never deliver on the vague promise of paid employment.


With so many people chasing available jobs, you really do need to be original and inventive. That’s how some of the most successful people got their start in business. Fortune favours the bold! Try to think how the bosses think, and that could give you some clues as to what might work. What would impress you if you were hiring? Conversely, what would make you think that you’d never give this person a job? For example, dressing up as a character would probably make most bosses give you a wide berth, but could impress someone in a field where an ability to perform is an asset.


One more thing before you go!

There is one more great option you might not yet have considered. If you are failing to find a job by conventional or unconventional methods maybe there’s an entrepreneurial spirit lurking deep inside you that just needs some encouragement. Light its spark and start your own business. No one will ever say that a startup is easy but if you’ve got the seed of an idea that could be turned into a business, no matter whether you want to start a skincare business or even open up your own clothing store, you might as well give it a shot! This is certainly a great option, especially if you don’t have a job. So if this is the route you’re thinking of going down, then be sure to do your research as there is little to lose and a lot to be gained.

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Joan Gilbert is a creative writer who spend a lot of time for learning writing methods. Nowadays she is planning to launch her own blog dedicated to development of creativity and writing tips.





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