As the UK jobs market continues to decline in 2021, many job searchers are looking at ways to future-proof their careers. While the world moves toward digital industries, there is still plenty of work for highly skilled people in construction trades.

From trained carpenters and electricians to site managers and health and safety specialists, construction industries are always on the lookout for talented tradespeople for new and existing projects.

Whether you are a seasoned trade professional or looking to start your career as an apprentice, it’s vital you can show the skills you need for the role in your interview. We have rounded up some of the top trades recruiting right now and tips on how you can ace your interview.


Carpentry and joinery are sought-after skills within construction. During the interview process, the employer will be interested to know what qualifications you have, how you have worked with wood previously and your experience in construction.  Talk about how you work how you work with wood and what projects you have achieved with it.

If you are applying for an apprenticeship, you probably don’t have experience working on a construction site to reference. Talk instead about why you want to work in carpentry, projects you may have done in your home or in your spare time. You could also show off your use of tools like circular saws for DIY jobs, showing your passion and commitment is key.


If you are a practicing electrician, you will want to show your potential employer that you are a qualified and registered electrician in the UK. Talk about past project and construction sites you have worked on and how you contributed to the project success.

If you have no experience in working as an electrician, begin at apprentice level to gain experience in working with electrical components and training for your qualification.  Showcase your passion for working in the industry, why you want to become an electrician and that you are open to learning the skills you need.

Health and Safety

With health and safety regulations becoming more stringent on construction sites in the UK, jobs for health and safety assistants and specialist are becoming more common.

If you already work in health and safety, demonstrate to the employer your knowledge of on-site regulations, how you have helped enforce them and how you have managed issues and accidents with teams. You might have done something as simple as order a arc-flash gloves from Unigloves, but that still shows commitment to health and safety which you can talk about in an interview.

For those just starting out in the area, gain qualifications in health and safety by taking a comprehensive course. Employers will be impressed by your commitment to the job you want and by your willingness to learn.




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