Internships are invaluable experiences that can help lay the foundation for future career opportunities and success. However, in a hyper-competitive job market, landing a worthwhile internship is easier said than done. Below are a few tips for how you can shine during the internship application process.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Before you even start your internship application, there are a couple things you’ll want to get in order to set yourself up for the best chance of success. Make sure that your online presence is professional and up-to-date. This may involve separating your personal and professional social media accounts or adding recent work experience to your LinkedIn profile.

Prove You Care in Your Application

While it may be tempting to reuse your resume and cover letter, resist the urge to do so. Every resume and cover letter should be carefully tailored to the position and company.

Get to know their mission statement and values so you can prove how and why you align with their mission. Make note of the skills and strengths they’re in need of and organize your resume and cover letter accordingly. Customized application materials show employers that you understand what they’re looking for and demonstrate why you’re exactly what they need.

Nail Your Interview

There are a number of things you can do before, during, and after your interview to make a good impression. Before the interview, make sure to do your research. Doing research on the company will not only help you come across as more prepared, but can also help you determine whether or not this is the right position for you.

You’ll also want to practice, practice, practice. Have answers prepared for the most common interview questions, and also be ready with examples that showcase your strengths and skills. During the interview, dress in a presentable manner. It can’t hurt to focus on exuding confidence using your body language. After the interview, you can finish strong by sending a handwritten, personalized thank you note or an email if the first option isn’t possible.

While finding an internship can be a difficult and lengthy process filled with a seemingly endless stream of rejections, don’t be discouraged. Even in a job market heavily impacted by COVID-19, it is still possible for you to find remote internship opportunities and grow your career. Perseverance and resilience can go a long way.

Check out more tips on how to land your dream internship and make the most of the opportunity in the visual provided by Mint below:



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