So you’ve landed your first job, congratulations! However hard the process was to get hired, the real work starts now, so you need to be ready for all of the new situations you’ll be facing in this new environment. Unfortunately, while lots of things come with an instruction manual, there’s never been one for starting your first job. Until now.

There’s lots of things you need to know how to deal with in your first big leap into the working world, like how to introduce yourself, how to handle yourself in your first team meeting and how to stand up in front of new colleagues and do a presentation.

All of them are potential pitfalls, but with the help of this illustrated guide from Budget Direct, you can get practical tips to ease you through them with flying colours. Getting your first ever job off to a good start is crucial for the success of your whole career, so this is one time you really need to read the instruction manual before having a go yourself.

An Instruction Manual for Your First Job

An Instruction Manual for Your First Job, brought to you by Budget Direct Life Insurance



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