To get a job or even be accepted for an interview you need to show business owners and employers that you have a USP. This is a unique selling point. It’s something that distinguishes you from everyone else applying for the position. This could be experience you have gained in a certain field, but typically it’s that you have skill or training no one else does. There are lots of skills that you could learn that might make you an essential hire for an employee. We’re going to look at a few on this post.

Second, Third Or Fourth Language!

The world is a huge melting pot these days. It’s highly unlikely that you will need to learn a language before travelling to a foreign country. Chances are there will be a few people there who speak yours. But for business, being fluent in multiple languages could be the USP employers are looking for. This is going to be particularly important if you take a job in the public sector. There you will be interacting with members of the general public on a regular basis. If you can show that you have an additional skill in this area, you would be an excellent hire. Specific roles that would benefit from having this skill could be travel jobs or teaching. Find out more about learning a second language on

IT Skills

The IT industry is booming. There are more jobs becoming available in this industry than any other field. It makes sense then to think about making your USP a skill in IT. You can check out this possibility by looking at courses on There you’ll find IT courses that will tell you all about configuring and operating Windows 7. You might wonder why you would learn about Windows 7 when everyone is switching to Windows 10. On the contrary, in the business world, very few people are using Windows 10 or even Windows 8. Most are sticking with what they know works. They don’t have the time to make the switch and will continue to operate on 7 for years. If you have a skill in this area, you won’t be overlooked in an IT interview.

Ability To Work Online

These days, almost every business that you can think of is working, at least partially, online. If you want to impress employers, you should be able to show that you know how this industry works. You should be able to understand the importance of social media and how to market an idea on the web.

Knowledge In A Second Field

After university, you might think about looking for a job straight away. But what many students are doing is instead taking a second degree in a completely new subject. This gives them knowledge in two separate fields that could interlink. For instance, you may train to work in the police force. But if you also have a psychology degree you’re going to understand how the criminal mind works. This type of skill could provide useful to a police department. Again, you will suddenly be an essential hire. To learn more about your USP, check out




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